What a joke!

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Needed three points to survive, winning 1-0, 90th minute. Goalkeeper has it in his hands. No danger, how wrong was I. Go to kick it out his player then takes it off him then scores...

As if that wasn't hard enough to take he then shushed me, yep he shushed me.


  • BerserkCo
    163 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Bad luck mate...but im thinking id rather be shushed than that stupid animation where the guy runs to the camera and blows me a kiss...aarrrggh enough to boil the blood lol
  • Jeeeeez
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    He was on his way to the camera haha thankfully I just had to suffer a point at the badge celebration.
  • Aspral
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    A lot of players try to score that type of goal. I just run from them until I have space. If they want to waste more time then that's up to them.
  • Jeeeeez
    396 posts Sunday League Hero
    I didn't really think in that moment though surely the goal shouldn't have stood.
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