Laggy games

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every second game i have in FIFA Ultimate Team 16 on pc this year is so laggy, even that before the match starts the latency shows 3 green lines, that shows that the game supposed to be fun.
seems like all my opponents enjoys that laggy match and keep playing, i just quit though, even before the first 2 minutes! and i'm getting losses and lose drafts/relegate divisions.
is there any proper thing to do in order to deal with the laggy games?


  • Yar1nush
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    btw, my internet works fine, and my computer is way better than the fifa 16 requirements
  • trusake
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    unfortunately no. I reported this same exact problem as a bug but who knows if they will care. It's been a problem for years. It shows 3 green bars yet when you play it is laggy as hell. All u can do is play thru and hope to win, even if it takes twice as long, if u don't you will get DNF.

    EA can very well fix this by detecting if the game falls below unplayable frame rate for a whole minute, the match ends due to connectivity, and neither party loses match, dnf and consumables.
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