Premier League Lounge FC

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Premier League Lounge FC, shortly PLL FC is a team repressenting the members of the Premier League Lounge. PLL FC was formed in 1899 by Hoban95 and is now owned by rich Geordie investor Bidwell.

PLL FC has never played Premier League football up untill they promoted in 2015. Bidwell has come with ambitions to end the teams' first season with European football, but he has been written down as a top nonce after this by the media, fans, team and the trainer.

In the summer of 2015 dictator-owner Bidwell wanted to shift in his good friend Coops instead of ambitious manager Eddie Howe. However, talks were broken down as Coops was busted stealing Bidwell his bath salts from his geordie mansion.

Coops has now become a full time politician.


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