Two main teams or lots of teams?

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I've always used two main teams in UT, the main expensive team, and the fitness team. But now I'm thinking of dividing my funds between the five main leagues, just to give a bit of variety. What kind of setup does everyone else have for teams?


  • Shane
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    two main teams.

    Main team is strongest

    fitness team is usually a bit cheaper
  • upthearsenal811
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    i used to use 2 teams. but then i stopped caring about just wins and losses because i hated using the same OP players that 95% of people use in divisions.

    i now have these teams:

    2 german bundesliga teams, gold/silver mixes
    swiss league
    a norwegian league/ 2 bundesliga hybrid
    austrian league team
    a saudi league/juve hybrid
    full shaktar team
    2 belgian league teams, one is just belgians the other a mix
    full boznian team

    im a decent player, i use the silver teams in divisions, and i dont really care if i dont win every match. its more fun for me than using the same generic bpl/bbva teams i face 9 out of every 10 games
  • IKE_P_H
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    I used to have two, now I have 4. It is really fun building teams that are fun to play and have players you like instead of having to pick the ones that "work best in this game"
  • bigpokey24
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    I did the same at the end of fifa 15, Right now i have 11 teams, 2 BPL squads,one hybrid seria.bundesliga squad ,

    one Seria A, French, German, Spanish team of each and then I have the following national teams, France, Argentina, Brazil and Nigeria ..
  • CrashDavus
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    I have 4 teams - A Bundesliga, my Russian Fitness, A cheap BPL and a BPL/Serie A Hybrid that is expensive.
  • CPW25
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    Tons of teams. Four main hybrids, one straight league team for each larger league (5), a USA team, a FC Dallas team, a non-rare team, a Brazillian team, a silver team and a bronze team off the top of my head.
  • Reece Tha BEAST
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    1. Main team (50%)
    2. Rotation seasons team (20%)

    3. Silver 1 (15%)
    4. Silver 2 (15%)
  • chaser2k15
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    I tend to stick to two teams, otherwise i just lose the flow of the game keep changing up. It usually takes me between 3-4 games to get used to each team.
  • StiIImatic
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    I usually max out my teams. Have one or two teams I'm strong with that I will go back to when I hit a losing streak. Other than that I'm always trying out different leagues, nations , etc. Game gets boring with just 2 teams.
  • paul24878306
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    One squad.....

    23 players, all capable of playing with any of the others in a team. Usually (but not necessarily) 2 players for each position of my chosen formation, plus a spare (usually a 3rd player for a position that only has one of its type - so a sole striker, a CDM in something like 4141, or a CAM in something like a 433(4).

    Pretty balanced players as well - so no fantastic A player, with a cheap replacement. All players are of equal (or as equal as can be) level. When I funds to upgrade, I take the weekest player in my squad - and change him for a better one.
  • p_b_pipo
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    I have around 25 hybrids. 5 bronze and the rest silver.
  • Auslo17
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    I use 3, and they are all spread pretty evenly
  • Bas
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    One team and use fitness cards.
  • slickus
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    One main team (prem)
    But i try to keep all cheap decent players from other leagues for tournys
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