Online and offline to frustrating to enjoy

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Hi all,

First of all I am willing to admit that I am a very mediocre player. But I do love to play possession style football and setting up creative goals. But i have a problem. I dont know which FUT game mode to play. Last night I was really excited to play with my new team but after 3 matches I was completely burned out.
  • Offline Divisions world class or higher is unplayably frustrating due to the abuse of the AI.
  • The offline no resriction tournaments are either amateur (to easy no challenge) or World class (as mentioned above, it is just not remotely fun to play World Class or higher AI). They use all the abusive game mechanics in the game and all teams play like barca.
  • In online divisions the Pace and High pressure abuse kills all enjoyment. 79 rated teams with always the same players in a 4-3-3 (4) winning by lousy penalties and zigzagging. I just cant take it anymore.

So my question is what games can i Play?


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