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Forum Rules
General Forum Rules can be found here:

Only discussions revolving around Fifa Generations and Fifa 14 are allowed in this section. If you would like to talk about different aspects of FIFA, such as Pro Clubs or Career Mode, please use one of the subforums in the "FIFA 15" section

Match Threads are not allowed in the Fifa Generations section. Any topics about a match for which there is a match thread will be locked and directed to the official match thread, these can be found in the 'Community' section under 'Match Threads' or by following this link:

Rules Regarding Trading

Discussions related to cross game/platform trading are prohibited in this section, this includes attempting to make trades between any and all Ultimate Teams, however trading between the same Ultimate Team (example; UT12 for UT12) is allowed, however please keep these trades to their related section within Fifa Generations, these sections are linked below.

FIFA 12 Section
FIFA 13 Section
FIFA 14 Section

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to message a forum moderator.
Thanks for reading.
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