Best marquee player?

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Been using Ibra for a couple of games but he's been nothing special for me, what other players are decent in the 100-250k price range?


  • Ravz9
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    If nainggolan is pretty nice

    But for attackers if he drops to that much maybe sif higuain?
  • Uncle Remus
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    Hazard, Aguero, Robben, Reus
  • Fandango83
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    I haven't used them, but I get the impression that there are only a few stand out players.

    Ibra will be the cheapest, then Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo
  • Goldenjokered
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    Should have mentioned that I'm on PS4 by the way
  • Shane
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    edited December 2015

    - IF Iniesta
    - SIF KDB
    - IF Nainggolan


    - Suarez
    - Reus
    - Robben
    - SIF Lewandowski

    Neymar and Ibra were a let down for me. Neymar's great when it comes to dribbling but his finishing/shooting is just average. I'm sure his sif is amazing though
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