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Worst thing about FIFA this year...

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Incredible how 79 rated Tim Krul can save several one on ones from Aguero, Hazard and SIF KDB yet my 84 rated Buffon can't save anything except a couple of awful longshots. He even conceded a header from the edge of the box from Tevez, yes Tevez, that won him the game in extra time.

Hate how goalkeepers regularly bail out bad players by making unbelievable saves, coming out and stopping any sort of ball in behind like Neuer on crack, yet at the other end the other goalkeeper saves absolutely nothing. It's even worse in divisions because the games are usually a lot closer than the game I've just posted. I can deal with high pressure, sprint dribbling etc. but this is disgusting how often AI goalkeepers settle games. No wonder everyone is rocking 433(4), you don't need a CDM when you've got superman in goal.

Don't often make threads like this but it's got the point now where it's just ridiculous.


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    Buffon is broken, So horrible on this game, I played one game with him and he let in 5 goals and the worst part is he let in near post goals so sold him. Get Handanovic
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