On thing I wish was added to FUT...

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...is custom user tourneys that can be made available online or among friends. Let us set up groups stages, knockout rounds, we can fill in CPU teams, as needed. EA doesn't need to offer prizes like in their preset tourneys; you get coins for playing games, per the norm, but players risk their own coins in the tourney (e.g, we can set our own entry fees, prizes, or something like that). Maybe other people have posted about this, but I think it would breathe some life in a mode that is getting stale - particularly if you're a player who isn't that great and has the most fun playing friends. Online friendlies alone aren't interesting enough to hold my interest; and friendly seasons are okay but they gets old after a while.

I see people set up tourneys here in the forums and I think it's a great idea - now transfer all that into the game and it would be even better.


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