Difficulty Curve in Seasons

HCx Rainbowz
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So I've been playing seasons recently, and I've rocketed up to division 5 in no time since starting. But now all of a sudden I'm being matched up against ridiculously strong teams. Every single team I've played so far has had at least one very expensive, very good IF player.

My best teams aren't very good, since I can't afford the top players, and I just can't win. My opponent could have two shots, but because his strikers are so good, he scores.

Anyways, has anyone else noticed something like this before, and is there any way I can play against these million coin teams with my budget teams?


  • ginntonicnyc
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    it's all down to ELO. If you've been winning a bunch you'll start to get matched against stronger teams/better players...
  • jordansky1111
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    I thought u stopped playin fifa
  • Xtc
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    Striker good he scores ? sorry does not work like that. I see great strikers miss regularly
  • Lumitesi
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    The teams don't make that much of a difference. As long as they're setup well the ratings aren't that big of a deal. Yes there's a difference between players but I'd say it's 80% skill 20% team. So you're getting matched up against better players. So you could hold on to that excuse that you're losing cause your team sucks, or you could try to improve.
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