Best Players Not Market Destoyed

Johnny Bravo
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So with the market going through a very odd time I think the best thing for me to do is build teams of players not affected and at a low value to minimise any risk.

I thought a thread might be useful to me and others of players used by people that haven't rocketed in price and are unlikely to go awry over the next few days.

Anyway, here are a few recommendations from me.

Baba - Best LB in BPL for me and a bargain price. Big, strong and fast. Does his defensive duties well and gets forward in support of the attack.

Djilobodji - Like Baba he's big, strong and fast for a CB and is good on the ball too if you like to pass out from the back.

Matip/Toprak - I include these together as they're very similar, tall and good in the tackle. Fast enough to keep up with the sweaty strikers.

Chedjou - A terrifying monster at CB.

Cavani - Probably the best value striker in the game in terms of what you get for what you pay. Might be affected by prices if trend keeps going the way it is though as an 85 rated player.

KP Boateng - Can play anywhere from CDM to ST, nice all round player with good height and strength. Prefer him at CM myself but it does drain his stamina which isn't the best.

Herrmann - Nice nippy winger from Bundes

Biabiany - Didn't like him at RW but a wonderful player at RM.

Deulofeu - One of my favourite wide men in the game, feels like I'd expect Messi to when he's on the ball but not a great finisher when he gets into the box.

Rondon - Have a bit of a man crush on this card so won't go into any further detail.

Marchetti - Best budget Serie A keeper for me


  • JustMeGaming
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    How this going to hurt our weird market? EA gonna take the coins away from all who gained from this problem!? A lot richer players on the PS3 market gonna dominate it!? Put certain players too high in the market!?
  • boslen03
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    Players I like that don't look to be affected by this are Tevez, Lacazette, Perez, Ter Stegan, Pique, Pastore. I will try to do something with these players.
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