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If you're considering writing a guide or already have, this is for you. This guide will likely evolve over time and your own tips and tricks will be very welcome!
  • The first thing you need to be aware of is around half of all sessions are on a mobile.
  • The second thing is when we tweet about a specific bit of content that sways even more in favour of mobile.
Neither of those things should really be a surprise, but if you take a look at most long-form content it's not really being written with this in mind.

The most common resolutions are 320x568, 360x640, 768x1024 and 375x667.

Don't worry that you don't have multiple phones nearby to check how it looks, you can make most browsers do it for you!

In Chrome, visit Options > More Tools > Developer Tools (or Press ctrl+shift+i)

This will bring up a new panel. Simply click the phone icon in the top left of the panel and you'll see the main panel change. You can now change to a whole list of difference devices to see how the content looks in each. You can even switch it to be horizontal.

That will get you started on how to start improving formatting or at least how to make your formatting work for a broader audience.

Next up is thinking about your overall content layout/approach. There will be no single correct way to do this but my advice would be to consider opening with a cheat sheet/simple guide. Imagine you have 10 seconds to grab someones attention. You're making a case for why they should spend the next 10+ minutes reading your guide.

I'd love for this to become an ongoing place to share tips and advice so please go ahead and ask questions or share your own experience!


  • Jcoxy98
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    Cheers rob! Was thinking about trying to do something like this! Do you think a guide based on TOTS would be a good thing to grab the attention? @Rob
  • Rob
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    You can write whatever you like @Jcoxy98 :)
  • Jcoxy98
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    I know but I want to write something that will be interesting :) @Rob do you ever write guides or anything? Should do a squad builder :)
  • Marleigh
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    @Rob is rubbish at making squads, they all include Pirlo.

    The best advice about writing a guide is to write about something you know about. you shouldn't write a guide because you want to write a guide, but because you want to help other people by sharing your knowledge.
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