Any hordcore techies out there who have played FIFA online since way back?

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And i mean those who know quiet a bit about how the net works including many of its intricacies?

Could Fibre and its variants cause a worse gaming experience under certain circumstances?
I say this because with ADSL2+ FIFA used to be really good.
Stumbled across somethign today which could explain a few things and just want to pick yer brains.


  • SuPeRz
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    Short answer is yes. You are now moving so fast that the difference (lag delay) between you and someone who has a slower connection like adsl could actually make the experience worst in some cases than say if both of you were on equally slower adsl connections.

    Basically the greater the difference between you and your opponents ping (not raw net speed), the harder it is for the two systems to stay in sync. Syncing is where it all falls apart. With equally slow, you will experience lag but more in the sense of slow game play (stutters) with a few stops (drops). With a big difference you are likely to experience more stops, which last longer and could result in more timeouts (disconnects).

    I remember having decent matches online back in ps2 days with a simple dial-up 56k connection. So it's not about the speed but rather the ping since the inputs from your controller are all that gets sent across the Internet, which are very small data sets. More bandwidth won't necessarily result in better gaming all the time, better ping between devices does.

    Hope this helps. I tried to keep it non technical, because only ping is really involved and you can find out all about that online. I may have to draw a diagram for you if you need more.
  • blue166
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    Yep all about ping. Someone might have an ADSL 10meg bb and a ping of 15ms where someone on say Virgin Media 152meg bb has a ping of 100ms. People often think everything is about download speed with gaming when infact speed has very little to do with it. All about response time infact. The lower your latency (ping) the better.

    So 5mbps bb with a ping of 15ms is far better for gaming than a 50mbps bb with say 100 ms ping.
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    Doesnt equate.
    on my other 80/20 connection i had 10ms ping and the gameplay was no where near as good as fifa 13....
    its something else.....
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    will add i had 50/10 and 10 ms ping and the gameplay was superb.
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    only thing i can think of that changed was my old router Asus nt56....i changed the settings (MTU) and also the ps3.
    changed the other day to i presume the correct settings and hey presto....things have got better although not perfect
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