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Two Striker Formation

Johnny Bravo
1303 posts Professional
So I've been trying out a lot of formations this year, mainly with one striker to ensure I don't get overrun in midfield.

Recently though I've tried 41212(2) and 4312 and have found I prefer having two strikers up top. The problem is though they are both very narrow and my passing percentage has suffered because of it.

I feel like I need the wide men as an option to pass to and also to get crosses in, I've tried various full backs and they're not getting forward enough and providing enough width for me.

As such I'm planning on making a few teams with two strikers in a formation that has wide men too.

I've had the most success with 451(2) so I was thinking about trying the bog standard 442, also looking at 352 and 3412.

Does anyone else play in a similar style that could recommend any two striker formations with wide men and what players they've had success with in these formations, specifically if 3atb is ok and which players have done well in CM/CDM roles.

One team will be entirely or mostly Ligue 1 as I want to partner Ibra and Cavani as strikers, I've found Tolisson, Sanson and Gonalons to be decent in the middle of the park so will most likely be using one or more of these again.


  • Orikoru
    10712 posts Has That Special Something
    If I really wanted to use two striker and two wingers, I'd have to go with 3-5-2 so as not to lose bodies in the centre. I would want that defensive solidity and passing options in there. I only used it for a limited time, and it was alright I think, but I didn't try it for long enough to judge properly. (I'm kinda stuck on 4-2-3-1)
  • Johnny Bravo
    1303 posts Professional
    I think 352 would be the way I went. I made these two teams to see what I would be looking at with both formations (just quick drafts of them, tinkering to be done) and the 352 comes out much better. Would quite like to try a 352 with 5 flat across the midfield but I'm not inclined to tinker with formations.

    Might actually forget both of these and make some silver, bronze and or GSB teams for a bit of fun.

    I like the idea of a team with Ibra and IF Andersson which I think I can make work.

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