IF Anderson

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Will change formation soon but in meanwhile thinking of running with this for at least a few games - do I give Anderson as (snagged fresh at 62k this morning a try) at CAM (Opinions on him from those who have used him as may just sell) or do I move Ruud to CAM and shell out on Gattuso (once again opinions welcome) when I see him cheapish. Eventually will get a Denis or TOTy CAM when released but in the meantime. Looking at options and looking for opinions on team - to date been playing Barkley at CAM quite prepared to shell out 100k on replacement for him an flog Anderson.
Happy with the wingers and ST for time being - only used Pauletta 6 games so far and goal a game for me - replaced Fowler who was abysmal, he is relisted at lowest BIN at moment - not doing myself any favours but if tempted to buy mine don't! Back 4 and keeper can all be replaced if necessary

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