Finish off this team

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Any help with finishing this off?


Currently have Sterling, Yaya & Clichy. So have about 100k to spend but willing to save up and wait if there are any good ideas.

Neymar, Iniesta, Alba or Reus, Gundogan, Alaba are probably a step too far for me right now.

Any inventive ideas?


  • musa18
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    Should just look for good LW/LM and see who they're linking with.

    Nani, Souza/Meireles, Erkin
    Kono, Banega, Tremoulinas
    IF Nolito, Garcia, Alba
  • Reckoner
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    Thanks, think the trouble I'm having is the jump from -83 rated LW/LM to +86 rated ones.

    IF Nolito, Thiago, Alba (then upgrade Thiago > Iniesta) maybe the way to go, or sticking with Sterling, Yaya, Clichy until I can afford one of those +86 rated LW/LM.
  • DSD27
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    LB: kolasinac
    CM: Thiago
    LW: Ribery
  • DoctorRob
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    Sevilla trio
  • musa18
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    DoctorRob wrote: »
    Sevilla trio

    Already mentioned.
  • Croat
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    Unless you're really struggling, I'd say sterling yaya and clichy are a pretty strong shout. Especially with the midfield you've already got.
  • CrashDavus
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    El Shaaraway, IF Moutinho, Coentrao

    Anderson, Parolo, Radu

    Depay, IF Herrera, Shaw
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