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El Shaarawy at LM Team

Johnny Bravo
1303 posts Professional
edited November 2015
Any good at LM? looking to use him in a hybrid but haven't tried him at all yet.

Will probably need an Italian LM for the team, don't want to use IF Insigne and there doesn't seem to be made options. Caligiuri doesn't look too bad though.
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  • Hrh1995
    1220 posts Professional
    good at LW for me worth a shot
  • Johnny Bravo
    1303 posts Professional
    So I've decided to give him a go in the team below which I've put together to try out a few players I haven't had chance to have a go with yet and use to rotate with my main team.


    It's mostly for Totti who I've been dying to try at CF and Guarin who I haven't used yet for some reason as I usually love his card.
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