Community Highlights - A look back at September and October 2015

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Community Highlights - A look back at September and October 2015

By @Chow and @Sokker14. Contributions from @Benj, @Zptr, @UTG, @Liam9lfc, @Alastair, @LaMertesackerRun and @Chris.

Welcome to the first forum round-up since the release of FIFA 16. Here we will be looking back at some of the best threads the community had to offer through September and October, specifically projects and content that we think deserve more attention. We hope there's something for everyone with tournaments, guides and a summary of special cards all included! A special thank you to @Benj for creating the graphics for each spotlighted thread, make sure you check out his Graphics Workshop!

Community Writer
As a Writers team, we want to encourage people to create constructive and creative threads, and hopefully this round-up is one step towards improving the general post quality on the forum - ideally these round-ups will be a monthly thing.

Alongside promoting other content, the Writer team also has its own projects. So far we've started two Community Cups, rekindled Clash of the Squad Builders and produced a couple of guides.

(Click the relevant image to visit the thread)

We have more projects scheduled over the next few months, so keep an eye out! If you have any suggestions for the Community Highlights, our current projects or have an idea for new content, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Community Spotlight
The Community Spotlight was introduced in order to recognise excellent content on the forum. We wanted to "shine the spotlight" on threads or posts we believed to be quality, well written and constructive content. Each spoiler reveals a small blurb for the spotlighted threads below and you can find a full list on the sidebar of the forum by clicking on the images.

4141 Formation Guide by @TheRev
Not so much a definitive guide as one delivered off the back of years of experience stretching back to FIFA 14. Given the changes this year, TheRev's timely and welcome update shifts some of the emphasis away from midfield towards the attributes that are necessary to provide an effective attacking force. Of course every position is covered in detail, with suggestions on key stats, chemistry styles and example players, as well as suggestions for individual and team tactics. TheRev has been pretty active with comments and questions too, so make sure you join in the discussion.
- Zptr

4312 Formation Guide by @Dunk
Out in the real world 4312 goes in and out of fashion like chukka boots, but in spite of being considered the basis of a rather narrow attacking team, Dunk makes the compelling case that with emphasis in the right areas and with some adaptable midfielders in your squad, 4312 can be every bit as effective when driving up the wing. A popular formation then, one that after browsing the comments seems something that many players are keen to experiment with.
- Zptr

''Ashy's Career Mode stories have enjoyed legendary status and this his latest Arsenal adventure is no different.''

Arsenal - Le Professeur by @Ashy
Ashy's Career Mode stories have enjoyed legendary status and this his latest Arsenal adventure is no different. Emboldened with lavish graphics, stats and commentary, two seasons of alternative Arsenal future history have so far been written, with a third already underway. We won't give too much away, but it probably won't surprise anyone to read that Wenger moves on after the 2015/16 season and, wouldn't you just know it, the following year... well, maybe you should just check it out for yourself.
- Zptr

Beginners Guide to FIFA Ultimate Team by @Zptr
If you've played FUT for more than a few hours it's unlikely you'll gain much insight from this debut guide, but there's always someone new to FIFA's favourite game mode and if you or someone you know is struggling with the concepts of chemistry and squad development, or just needs the basics pointed out to them in terms of transfers, the guide offers a cursory grounding in the absolute fundamentals.
- Zptr

Chow’s Ultimate Team Journey by @Chow
A planned season-long journal of one man's ongoing attempt to fashion a competitive Ultimate Team squad, Chow has been chronicling his adventures since September, first in adapting to the ways of FIFA 16, then in dealing with the ups and downs of an always volatile IF transfer market and, in recent entries, trying to fit FUT around the demands of a real life. Full of insight, experimentation and discussion, Chow's FUT campaign is already a compelling read - one that threatens to become essential before too long.
- Zptr

''An almighty quest to reach 1000 matches.''

Litmanen’s Road to 1000 Matches by @Snipguy
Taking inspiration from the inclusion of the new Legend Jari Litmanen in this year’s FUT, @Snipguy decided to take one of his favourite real-life players on an almighty quest to reach 1000 matches.

Using the Finnish (and Ajax) hero as a lynchpin in a variety of teams, Snipguy, a top 30 Nexus player last year and regular in many forum Cups and Leagues, has traversed the rocky roads to Division 1 so far, offering gameplay advice, match progress, and goal highlights along the way.

Has he already conquered the first division with ‘Kuningas’? Can the impressive feat of 1000 matches with a single player be reached? You can find out all the latest on Snipguy’s voyage here.

Packing Heat by @Dasco
At the beginning of October @Dasco launched the latest edition of ‘Packing Heat’ on PS4. Dating back to the good old days of FUT12 and PS3, the series, now in its fifth annual installment, has always been based on a simple premise: to go pack only and pack the best.

With the introduction of FUT Draft and the rewards offered by the new mode, this current version of ‘Packing Heat’ has even greater depth and a wealth of statistics on games played and packs earned through the Draft.

Always popular, a raft of regular forumers chip in while sharing their own packs and pack only journeys. A mix of great luck and perseverance in previous years has seen Dasco acquire the services of Ronaldo three years in a row. Can that be stretched to a fourth year, or will packbot finally hand over that elusive Messi card? If you love packs, or love watching other people open packs so you don’t have to, why not check out all the latest signngs, regular updates, and previous highlights by visiting this thread.

The Ultimate Targetman Guide by @BlitzersNL
As a lover of target men, BlitzersNL tests a range of strikers in all shapes and sizes to find 'the ultimate targetman'. He's even made his own formula to calculate the 'Target Man Rating' of each players that he tries. If you're looking for the ins and outs, reviews, squad ideas and other target man talks, there’s a lot BlitzersNL can offer.
- Sokker14

''The forum’s very own virtual Ronaldinho is back with another guide to mastering the deadly art.''

The Skill Lab: The encyclopedia of skilling in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team by @Bennjj123
In a follow up to Bennjj’s Skilling Dictionary (which was also spotlighted back in June), the forum’s very own virtual Ronaldinho is back with another guide to mastering the deadly art. Not only does this write-up provide comprehensive and accessible examples of every skill in the game, but also on-going reviews of various 5* skillers and other expert tips and tricks on how use skills efficiently. Having played Bennjj in FIFA 15 and seen first hand just how devastating skill moves can be, I’m confident that many of you will be able to take something positive from this thread. He’s provided the ammunition, it's now up to you to take these moves out onto the pitch.
- Chow

Community Guides
A multitude of guides and tutorials have been added to the forum over the past couple of months. Content such as guides or tutorials are invaluable to the forum, and each contribution is widely appreciated by the community. We've highlighted some of the guides already, but there are a lot more out there. We hope to see even more in the future!

A full list of Guides, Lounges and Key Information currently on the forum can be found here. If you need any help writing a guide, click here for helpful guidelines or contact one of the Writers for advice!

Career Mode Spotlight Competition
Career Mode Stories (or Manager Mode Stories as they were originally known) are one of the oldest parts of the forum. They first started back in 2008 and rapidly grew in popularity. The basic concept is that users make a thread to share details of their Career Mode with other forumers. The stories were initially simple text based stories but over the years various innovations such as graphics, prediction leagues and player sponsoring have become standard practice. The section is a welcoming community which has all sorts of threads varying from simple articles, to high quality graphics and even youtube stories. If you enjoy Career Mode on FIFA 16 then come and visit Career Mode Stories here.

(Click the relevant image to visit the post)

One of the communities favourite Career Mode stories is Ashy's Arsenal thread. Not only are updates consistent but the graphics are done to a high standard every single time. With Arsenal being Arsenal, you can never be sure of what's around the corner, even if Ashy has signed some class players such as Zlatan and developed some youngsters like Bellerin and Oxlade-Chamberlain into world-class players. In his first two seasons of the career Ashy has had a reasonable amount success which lead to Wenger finally leaving Arsenal after 20 seasons in the hot seat. Who was his replacement? No other than Germanys 2014 World Cup winning manager Joachim Löw. You won't regret looking at this magnificent, aesthetically pleasing and detailed career mode.

Premier League Community Cup
Community Cups are back! We kicked off the UT season with the Unlucky Dip Community Cup, which has gone down a treat, but without a doubt the talk of the town is the Premier League Community Cup. For those interested, here's a quick summary of what's happened so far...

(Click the relevant image to visit the post)

The season started particularly well for Leicester City under 'Tinkerman' @Liam9lfc, with 28 points in 11 games, a run of form that's earned Riyad Mahrez the Player of the Month award for October. The other big surprise so far has been Sunderland, who's guided The Black Cats all the way to fourth, and although manager @Jmcgraghan just missed out on the October Manager of the Month award, his team are looking good bets for a European spot.

The Premier League leaders are Manchester City. The Citizens, managed by @keema-v, won nine out of eleven games and currently sit top of the league on goal difference. Chelsea lie third, and while @jordansky1111 lost his last game, the reigning champions are still looking in good knick on 27 points - certainly, the league's top scorer (Diego Costa) and top assister (Oscar) have played a big part in that.

There's still a lot at stake, with 27 games to be played in the upcoming seven months. Who'll be leading next month? Follow the thread to find out!

Special items September & October
Because of the expansion of the TOTWs and release of the first FIFA 16 hero cards, there were a total of 143 special cards added to FIFA 16 during the months September and October, that make up TOTW 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7. Below are a few Community-favourites, including both Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimović cards and in-form Neymar!


~ ~ ~

For those of you who've made it this far, we hope that at least one of the many spotlighted threads caught your eye. While it's easy to get caught up in a lot of the negativity surrounding the forum, there's still a lot of great content out there, and this round-up merely scratches the surface. If you have an idea, go for it! There's even a new Guide to writing a FIFA guides by @Zptr if you're looking for a place to start with your own write-up.

On a final note, I'd like to congratulate those featured in this round-up, and also those with content in the spotlight not mentioned above! We'd love to hear what you think of the content in this Spotlight Roundup! Please leave your thoughts below.
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