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how do player do that auto defence thing every move i try to do gets read like a open newspaper yet i have to try and manually defend. i just want to be on a even playing field anyone willing to share with me?


  • Phiba
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    They don't control CBs but switch to CM and pull them back to make a tackle or let the AI controlled CB automatically make the tackle
  • SOL1DS
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    the new defense is since fifa 15 the biggest joke of them all.
    u cant do anything about it,only use it yourself too.
  • Johanm01
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    Never worked for me. Mostly use my cdm to control when defending. Defenders mostly make space by going backwards or going wide. Only when commanding a player to help makes movement, but that's it. Defenders are plain stupid in fifa 16. I still am annoyed by the fact a player near the action has the habit to just be there. Looking to the grass or crowd, as he isn't on the pitch playing a game.Happens alot.
  • Rumplefish
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    All these "auto defence" threads make it sounds like you can be in the kitchen eating a sandwich while the AI defends for you. It's really not that simple. If you're using 5 atb and park the bus then yes, it's easier to defend even if you're generally bad at defending, but you'll still be killed by a good player who doesn't just rush through the middle. In any other formation, you can use the AI but you still need to manually position the other defender or midfielder to intercept a pass, or switch to the defender at the right moment to take the ball.
  • twobobnote
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    Look in options under at the end of the Rainbow.Let me know if you do find it.
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