How to play against slide-tackle abusers

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Hey guys,
I was just wondering, do you have any method when you play against opponents who just constantly slide tackle?


  • Danledge95
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    L2 and face away from them.. they get booked/ sentoff = happy days :D
  • Asad97
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    ball roll and they easily get beaten
  • miri
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    The above plus varying your dribbling - let go of sprint at weird times, use the R1 ball drag back, even sprint + right stick flicks in to space. Once you're confident with the various ways of playing against slide spam, it's super easy.
  • Kakarot1996
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    Don't sprint as much, makes it much easier to avoid incoming slide tackles than to just hold RT.

    Also, if you feel like they're about to slide you, quickly pass to anyone behind you and chances are they'll foul you when you didn't have the ball at your feet - so they'll get booked.
  • cem1998
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    Thanks a lot for the replies! Will definitely try these tips next time I come up against one of these players. It's just so frustrating because they cut off all the attacks, and when it's a foul the ref usually doesn't give red (if it's not from the back). What annoys me most is when my players get the ball ahead of the defender, but them have to jump over the slide tackle, and they lose time.
  • The longest yard
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    Flick the ball over the tackle mate, or just **** them off by doing quick passing, guarantee they get one or two players sent off fuming
  • DunB
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    Danledge95 wrote: »
    L2 and face away from them.. they get booked/ sentoff = happy days :D
  • **** game cnts me off
  • Advait
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    Do a fake shot to stop. 100% effective in my opinion
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