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So, with the new forum out I thought it would be time for me to make my not-so triumphant return to this section. I recently started a new FM save, so will be using that save. Having just hit November though, I have a bit of catching up to do with the posts, so it the first updates will just be big ones, when I first update with signings/pre-season/tactics, and the second one will be all the games done so far. I shall be using the magical gyazo for images, so don't expect anything fancy, which you will see from the images below.






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    Shall start with what I did with the staff. I took great pleasure in sacking Carver and Woodman. Some other guy went as well so I could make room for a decent coach. No idea who I brought in either, just had decent coaching stats for what I needed.

    Next was the simple task of sorting out a tactic. Having created this tactic on FM 14, I've almost managed to replicate it on FM 15 in past saves, but never to the high level as last season. Slightly tweaked it a bit, and will probably do so continuously until I get it right, but will keep the same formation throughout the season.

    In terms on transfers, I had 2 choices. I could take things realistic, or go mental and sign unrealistic ones. You may be able to notice pretty much straight away which one I went for. 3 cheap signings for reasons unknown on the latest update, all will improve my team significantly. Transfer out wise, I go rid of players I don't like (Tiote, Taylor) and players I don't need (wingers mainly). Loaned out a few youngsters that I'm not really fussed about, decided to keep the better ones as I'll be giving them a decent amount of time on the pitch this season.

    I also signed these two, but neither will be joining yet.

    Didn't really care about pre-season, just used it to make sure everyone was match fit. Here is the results for anyone that does care.

    Just to post the games so far then. Starts with West Ham away.
  • Ryan
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    WEST HAM (A)

    Not the easiest first game really. Took a risk and started Armstrong, didn't really work and ended up subbing him at half time. Never really got into the game, but looked like I may have stole a win, but in the end was lucky to come away with the point. Not the worst start, but certainly had to improve.

    Again, not the easiest game for my first game at home, but one I should be looking to win if I want to do anything meaningful this season. Changed the first 11 slightly, rotating my strikers and being forced to play Williamson due to injury. Result was a bit flattering, but will take it at this point in the season.

    Did a complete rotation for this game. Was a match I should be winning comfortably, and the team did what was needed.
    MAN CITY (A)

    Wanted to get a good run of form going before I had to travel away to a big team, but faced Man City next. Made several changes from the cup team, and quite gutted I didn't manage to see out the result, especially since their goals come from an own goal and a late mistake. Oh well, it was a very promising result, even if I did lose. It might be becoming painfully obviously how important the AMC is in my team btw.

    Once again found myself with a tricky game. Was important to bounce back with a win, which we did. Got quite lucky here, got given a dodgy penalty at 1-0 which pretty much killed the game off at that point. An excellent result though, 6 goals scored and 0 conceded in my 2 home league games, not much more you can ask for.

    With Swansea starting poor, I took this chance to give de Jong and Cisse some time to get up to match fitness. Was a bit of a risk as both had terrible match fitness, but it luckily worked. Was disappointed to concede, but oh well.

    Was caught in two minds on whether to take this seriously or not. Made a few changes, and they probably cost me. Gutted to get knocked out, but oh well.

    Another tricky game came. Luckily, they got an early red so I ran out comfortable winners.

    Words cannot describe how frustrating this game was. They scored with their only shot on target and defended for the whole game, luckily with 6 minutes to go we equalised, before getting the winner in added time. Thank god for that.

    Another tough game, another tough loss. Quite promising that I have played the 2 best teams in the league though away from home already, and only lost by the odd goal. Hopefully with a few more signings I'll be able to see out the result and not concede late on.
    HULL (H)

    DISASTER. Both Krul and Elliot got injured and out for a month, meaning I have to play Woodman. Ayoze also got injured, and out for 6 weeks. To add to the injury woes, Cabella got injured in training after the game and is out for a month, so the youngsters really need to step up the next few games. A frustrating game, but managed to get a deserved late winner. Didn't allow them to have a shot on goal, which was a relief with a 17 year old in goal.

    A very good start thus far, but need to be careful in the next month with 3 star players out. Have Burnley (A), Stoke (H) and Man United (A) next month, so hoping for at least 4 points, but hopefully 6. Will just post updates whenever I finish a month from now on, and will probably be in my detail than this one.
  • Ahmer50x
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    That formation :flushed:

    Is it like 2 atb? :lol:
  • Ryan
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    FM says it's 4 atb, just with wing backs. Class it as 3 atb myself, the wing backs are basically wingers, while the DM is basically a CB.
  • LaMertesackerRun
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    Interesting formation. ;)
    Good start and some superb signings.
  • Cool stuff so far, looking forward to more.
  • Ryan
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    So, the team was depleted by injuries, but still had a very winnable game away at Burnley. It was actually a really good performance, and think I would have definitely won if I had Cabella and Ayoze fit but in the end I had to settle for a point. Not the worst result in the world, and another clean sheet for Woodman, but will probably see this more as two points dropped than a point gained come the end of the season.

    Still hit with injuries, I had another with Schar out of the game as well. Made a few changes, giving some players a chance in the first time. Abeid in particular took his chance, putting in a superb performance which saw him named man of the match. Bit disappointed they scored in the last minute, as it would have been 3 clean sheets from 3 matches for Woodman, but it wasn't to be. Luckily there is an international break before the next game, which should give Cabella and Krul enough time to heal.

    Luckily I got Krul back for this game, as Woodman got injured in training a few days before the match. Cabella was also fit, which was a massive bonus. During the international break Haidara asked for more starts, so gave him the start over Digne, while Abeid won his place after the Stoke game. Only other real notable change was the inclusion of Ferrerya on the bench after 3 months out. Well, this game was just superb, but I sadly lost in another close game. This is the most disappointing of the 3 away games I've lost so far, due to the manor of it. After taking the lead, I concede an own goal to level the match, before Krul had a mare to allow Falcao to score a tap in. We fought back superbly and took the lead once more, but lost the lead after Di Maria scored from a dodgy free kick. With it looking like a draw was on the cards, Cisse scored his 4th of the game, and looked to win it, but we bottled it and Di Maria scored another 2 from distance. Felt I should have at least drawn this game, but yet again it is very promising that I managed to go to a big side and put in such a good performance. Need to hope I can build on this, and start getting the results against the top teams away from home.

    In other news, after the Man United game I got a 1 year extension to my contract. Tried to get them to offer me a 2 year extension but they were having none of it sadly.

    The time came for the first Tyne-Wear derby of the season. No nonsense with the team for this game, as I picked what I believed to be my best performing XI at the minute. Had a few injuries during training in the build up with ruled out Cisse and Ferrerya, but still felt pretty confident heading into the match. Was a pretty close game, but a goal a few minutes from the break gave us the lead in a close game, and then 16 seconds into the second half we pretty much killed the game off with a second. A Riviere wondergoal made it 3-0 before Bridcutt was shown a red. Verratti soon followed him, in what was the only real negative in a great performance, before Ayoze came off the bench to round off a great 4-0 win.

    So, with Verratti starting a 3 match suspension, Digne picking up a knock in the last game and Sissoko picking up a knock in training, I was forced into a few changes against an out-of-form Liverpool side. Didn't put in the best of performances, but Ayoze and Cabella were a class above everyone else on the field, which led to an easy win.

    Went to Villa with a few players back from injury. The result was never really in doubt, unfortunately Sissoko suffered a broken leg after a horror challenge and will be out for 6 months. A massive loss, and will probably be looking at signing someone in January to cover for his loss.

    Luckily, we managed to get a few days of training in without injuring anyone ahead of Tottenham. First half was an excellent display, should have really gone in ahead by more than the 1 we were. Second half was completely different, totally dominated after they brought Eriksen on. Lucky to hold on in the end really.

    This was supposed to be my easiest game of the season so far, yet we managed to bottle it. Despite getting 2 penalties, we somehow failed to beat Leicester. Should have really held onto one of the leads we got, but I suppose with the formation I line up with this sort of stuff will happen every now and then.

    So, the annual boxing day fixture. Had the game in a few days in mind when picking the team, but decided to just go for the strongest possible line-up for this match. The scoreline was a lot closer than it should have been, but was never really worried we would drop any points in this game. Dominated from start to finish.
    QPR (H)

    Of course with the other game coming days before, I changed the entire team here. Took an unnecessary risk in starting Woodman, but want to give him some games this season considering he won't get any chances next season with 2 new GK's coming in. It was pretty much the same as the last game, score was a lot closer than it should have been, but with the changes I made I'm happy enough.

    An excellent first half of the season. Not sure why Man United have 2 games in hand, but even if they win both I'll be in 2nd at the halfway stage, which I would have certainly taken at the start of the season. Now I'm in an excellent position to finish in the top 4, and even challenge for the title if we can keep it up.

    With the transfer window opening, I'm mainly looking at signings for next season as I feel the squad is fine at the minute. I could maybe do with a CM with Sissoko injured and Abeid off to ACON (Along with Cisse), but not sure it's worth splashing out for someone who won't get any games in a month or so. With it looking like I will probably get into a European Competition next season, I really just want to make sure I have enough HG players as I want to get rid of some of the current home grown players at the end of the season.

    Thought I might as well put this in. Just the winners of the big awards, plus one relevant to Newcastle.
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    Thank you for somehow not beating Leicester City! ;) Good luck though, you're doing fabulous.
  • Ahmer50x
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    I don't understand how Messi didn't score more goals :lol:
  • LaMertesackerRun
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    Top of the league. :o

    Great job so far.
  • Alastair
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    Good luck Ryan.

    Now Carver and Woodman are gone you only have Ashley to get rid of.

    Great results here, good to see Newcastle back at the top. :)

    As I mentioned the other day, I love the use of spoilers. :smiley:
  • Ryan
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    Thank you for somehow not beating Leicester City! ;) Good luck though, you're doing fabulous.

    I let them draw :shifty:
    Ahmer50x wrote: »
    I don't understand how Messi didn't score more goals :lol:

    Never really seen him score a lot in a FM save for some reason. Nobody ever really hits the goal amount he and Ronaldo do regularly, unless they are your player.
    Top of the league. :o

    Great job so far.
    Alastair wrote: »
    Good luck Ryan.

    Now Carver and Woodman are gone you only have Ashley to get rid of.

    Great results here, good to see Newcastle back at the top. :)

    As I mentioned the other day, I love the use of spoilers. :smiley:

    Cheers! Not sure how much longer I can stay top though!

    Due to work I've barely touched FM the last few days, have made a few transfer though.

    First one was Joe Gomez from Charlton. Was looking at him at the start of the season, but they wanted too much then. Wanted to spend less on him, but not too fussed, £5.5m on him when he'll be a decent player for over 10 years isn't bad. Will be handy back-up alongside Lascelles next season, with one of the two probably pushing for Coloccini's spot in the team. He doesn't join until the end of the season, so hopefully he gets a lot of games for Charlton.

    Wasn't planning on signing anyone for this window, but when I saw Thauvin was available I thought I might as well. Only cost me £2.9m, which is a massive bargain and will probably just be Cabella's back-up for now (Aarons is getting loaned out). Really a signing with the next few seasons in mind, because I expect Cabella to want out soonish, and if I can keep Thauvin happy, I will have Cabella's replacement already sorted.

    Can't see anymore signings, either for now or the end of the season. Pretty happy this team can at least finish in the top 4.
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    Super first half of the season, hopefully you'll be able to keep it up. Also nice signings, particularly Thauvin for that price.
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    You got 10 mill for Gouffran!! If only :D
  • LaMertesackerRun
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    2 great signings especially Thauvin considering how little he cost.
  • Ryan
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    CARSTER wrote: »
    Super first half of the season, hopefully you'll be able to keep it up. Also nice signings, particularly Thauvin for that price.
    2 great signings especially Thauvin considering how little he cost.

    Cheers! Was surprised with how little they wanted for Thauvin, even though he was stuck in their reserves. Thought they would want at least £10m for him.
    DAZBOZ wrote: »
    You got 10 mill for Gouffran!! If only :D

    There always seems to be one of our useless players you can somehow get money for on this game, it's great.

    Will probably do January tonight, played through it last night, will just need to take screenshots and ❤️❤️❤️❤️ after work tonight.

  • LaMertesackerRun
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    Ryan wrote: »
    CARSTER wrote: »
    Super first half of the season, hopefully you'll be able to keep it up. Also nice signings, particularly Thauvin for that price.
    2 great signings especially Thauvin considering how little he cost.

    Cheers! Was surprised with how little they wanted for Thauvin, even though he was stuck in their reserves. Thought they would want at least £10m for him.
    :o If he was in reserves would explain why they wanted so little.
  • Ryan
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    WEST HAM (H)

    Started off the calender year with a strange victory over West Ham. It was total domination throughout, but just couldn't find the net, and when we finally scored in the 80th minute, we went onto score another 2 times 2 times in the next 3 minutes! Sadly Cabella picked up a 6 week long injury, but luckily I signed Thauvin so he shouldn't be too much of a miss.

    I couldn't have picked a much easier game to start the FA Cup tbh. Pretty simple victory, with Thauvin scoring on his debut.

    This is the type of game I should be getting used to. Excellent attacking wise, but pretty poor at the back. In the end I found myself rather luckily to get a draw.
    MAN CITY (H)

    This game was a lot less close than the scoreline suggested. A superb performance, and a deserved victory. Thauvin continues his excellent goal scoring form since signing as well. Might not even need Cabella anymore!

    Well, my FA Cup run has been pretty simple so far. Another simple win, never even really get out of first gear.

    Embarrassing. Don't even want to talk about this match tbh.

    Well, this month ended badly. Pretty even match, but ended up losing 2-0. Suppose it will happen every now and then.

    If you ignore the last 2 games, it was a decent enough month. Those last 2 games cost me though, fallen behind in the title race and now close to dropping out the top 4. The next month is rather important, hopefully the last 2 games doesn't represent a downwards spiral. Cisse and Abeid are back now though, and Cabella is a week or so away from being fit, so things should improve.
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    Good month apart from the last two games but you're still in the top 4 which is great
  • LaMertesackerRun
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    In the title race still. :)

    Overall a pretty good month tbh.
  • Ryan
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    With my exams over, I've finally been able to load up FM for the first time in like a month. This is going to just be a quick update for the rest of the season. Had some screenshots saved for the tables etc, of when I was going to update it, but lost those somewhere so will just make a massive one.

    Did however find this screenshot, so this is just the players that have entered the youth team. Nobody amazing, but a few players who could be decent squad players. Going to just leave these in the youth squad for the time being.

    Now for the results. There are some that I felt let us down massively. Everton in the cup was a major disappointment, whereas the Hull and Stoke games really ended any chance I had of winning something this season.

    These results meant I finished in 4th. Excellent position in the end, but could have been so much better. Aiming for the same position next season, but with a domestic trophy and a decent european run in the process.

    Some end of season #stats

    The end of season awards won by people at the club.

    Right at the end of the season, I got also massive bonus for next season.

    Bit of a crap update after like a month wait, but just would prefer to get back to playing where I was. Going to do monthly updates for next season, instead of the 2/3 month updates. NExt one will be all of pre-season and transfers, all up until the 1st game of the season.
  • Fromage Fou
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    Well done for the first season. Great position and transfer business, Eredivisie teams rarely spends so much for a player so it's interesting to see that change for Gouffran of all people.

    Looking forward to seeing how you do with Europe next season, seems you're using your squad well considering some of those injuries. Hope some of the English players can do well, you might get a few in the internationals. Good to get that long contract for Verratti, and that was a great season from Cabella.

    Think you mentioned somewhere you'd prefer Janmaat as captain so I'm wondering if you did that?

  • Ryan
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    Well done for the first season. Great position and transfer business, Eredivisie teams rarely spends so much for a player so it's interesting to see that change for Gouffran of all people.

    Looking forward to seeing how you do with Europe next season, seems you're using your squad well considering some of those injuries. Hope some of the English players can do well, you might get a few in the internationals. Good to get that long contract for Verratti, and that was a great season from Cabella.

    Think you mentioned somewhere you'd prefer Janmaat as captain so I'm wondering if you did that?

    Thanks :) Going to be giving the English players more time this season. Got rid of the older ones, but got 5 or 6 young players who will be getting a decent amount of game time this season, so hoping they develop well.

    Sadly not. Not a fan of changing captains, so was going to wait until Coloccini's contract to expire to give it him, but he wanted out so had to get rid. :(

    Decided that I didn't really need any big money signings before heading into the transfer window, so bulked up the squad massively heading into the new season with several 'smaller' signings.

    Will just go through these one by one, explaining my thought process behind them all.

    Perrin was a pretty needless transfer. I have 4 capable CB's, but with Coloccini leaving at the end of the season, I thought I might as well get him in as I won't find anyone cheaper next season.

    Wass was originally purchased as a back-up option to Janmaat at RWB. However, I lost Janmaat to Liverpool. He will probably stay as back-up, as I managed to hold onto Santon somehow.

    Aubameyang was a pretty simple deal. Needed a striker after deciding to not sign Ferreyra, and he was pretty cheap so went for it. Think he will fit into my team nicely, as my strikers need to drift wide often, so with him and Ayoze upfront it should work well.

    Probably overspent on the next deal. Originally went in for Mowatt from Leeds, but they wanted close to £50m, so glad to get Cook for a close to reasonable amount.

    Pedro Obiang was pretty much signed to rotate with Abeid. Cheapish deal that was really just done in response to Sissoko's sale.

    The final 2 were just bought for the sake of it. Both were free, so might as well.


    There isn't much to say about these. Colback and Dummett wanted out for lack of first team football, Janmaat and Sissoko wanted to leave, while I just got rid of Cisse and Riviere as I wasn't too impressed by them last season. Still fighting off interest from Real Madrid to keep Cabella. Told him I'd sell him to them if they offered the right amount, yet they are refusing to go to the £36m I want, and he seems happy that I'm not being unrealistic, so it's looking good thus far.


    I'm not one to care about pre-season, only use it to get players match fit. Organised a few difficult fixtures, happy enough with how it went. Got a couple of injuries early on with De Jong and Guidetti (both are now close to match fitness), thankfully though I didn't get any others. Have a full strength squad to pick for the first game away at Stoke. Afterwards I have Swansea at home, which in between the CL qualifying matches against Shakhtar, before finishing the month at Villa Park. Aiming for 9 points from those games, and of course CL qualification. Will be disappointed with anything less than 7 points and CL qualification really, not the most difficult start to the season, so would like to build some early momentum.
  • Alastair
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    Not sure what is better, coming 4th or winning the derby. :smiley:

    Great season there and some amazing signings. Although I am very disappointed that Dummett is leaving. :( The way Pardew was forced out I expect to see you forced out soon for that action.
  • Ryan
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    I would liked to have kept Dummett, he is one of the few who actually has done decent in real life. Sadly, he isn't good enough on the game :(
  • Ryan
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    Started the season away at Stoke. Took a few gambles based on pre-season in this game, giving Armstrong a start, while dropped Cabella after a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ poor pre-season from him. Settled into the game nicely, then I gave away a dodgy penalty, which Adam managed to convert. Thauvin was forced off with an injury before half time with Cabella coming on (turned out it was nothing serious and out for only 2 weeks) and PEA came on for Armstrong at half time. The game was starting to reach it's conclusion and I wasn't even getting close to getting a leveller. Thankfully, out of nowhere Ayoze managed to score to make it 1-1. The goal gave us a lot of confidence it seems, and we began to dominate the game. With time running out, Aubameyang managed to beat the offside trap to get on the end of an Ayoze pass, before slotting past Begovic to give us the lead. Aubameyang managed to get a second in stoppage time to wrap the game up after he seized on a Shawcross mistake to put the game beyond doubt.

    Made several changes for this game, and I paid for it. In a fairly even game, they managed to run out 3-0 victors through a bizarre own goal, a wonder goal and a counter attacking goal. Puts us in a terrible position heading into the second leg and now needing a perfect performance in the home game to get through.

    With the second leg in mind, I made a few changes for this game in order to keep some of the more important players fresh, while not forfeiting this game. Ayoze and Aubameyang continued where they left off in the league, putting us 2-0 in the first 7 minutes. Gylfi pulled on back for Swansea before the break, but after half time Ayoze and Aubameyang again both scored in a short period of time, giving us a comfortable win.

    Well, I needed a perfect performance, and came close to perfection. We needed an early goal, and Cabella gave it us on 14 minutes with a calm finish, before we shot ourselves in the foot and gave away a needless penalty which was converted, which meant we needed to score at least 4 more to stand a chance of getting through. Wass was also forced off through injury, which will keep him out for just over a month. 2 goals in 2 minutes right before HT gave us a chance, Aubameyang scoring the first, before a freak own goal made it 3-1. We started the second half well, before Ayoze scored twice in 5 minutes to put us in the lead. Abeid looked to wrap it up with 20 minutes to go when he fired home a screamer, put Verratti picked up a second booking minutes later to put our position in doubt. Down to 10 men, I decided to go defensive, and Shakhtar began to dominate. Ferreyra scored with 3 minutes to go to make it a nervous ending, but we luckily managed to hold on to secure our place in the group stage, where we have been drawn against Barcelona, PSV and PAOK. Nice enough group really, shall be aiming to get out of it.

    A Verratti masterclass won us the 3 points in the final fixture of the month. 3 assists and a goal put us 4-0 up early on in the second half. At this point, I felt the game was won and through on several attacking players to make some mental formation. Villa pulled 2 goals back late on, but it was never really in doubt.

    In terms of transfers, I had the magical moment of releasing Mike Williamson, but nothing else.
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    4th last season was a great achievement and you've made some good signings over the summer. Excellent comeback in the Champions League qualifier and you've been rewarded with group you should be able to get out of.
  • madmel
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    mclaren confirmed for next season, I hope he's a good manager
  • Good results. And like the detailed stats and summaries that come with every game.
  • Ryan
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    Cheers guys. Just a little update, haven't been able to play the last week, and going away in the morning. Next update will probably be a week Wednesday, so will still be carrying on with this despite like going 2 weeks without updating.
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