HELP . How to counter 433(4)

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Im playing 41212(2) [ using @HekTic JukeZ guide] and have been playing Div 3-5 lately . most of the teams that I come up against play 433(4) formation and obviously with high pressure ( its part of the game and I have accepted it ) .

Playing against this formation , my build up gets intercepted quickly and I cant make as much chances as I usually do .

So what I do most times is switching my formation mid game to 41212 wide diamond , trying to open up the game . but it doesn’t always work .

What do you do against high pressure ?


  • siavash777
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  • If I am having trouble against a particular formation, I always change my formation to match my that of my opponents. Id recommend trying the 433(4). I also have found success with the 4321. Good luck mate.
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