9 Discard IFs team with reviews

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As I am exceptionally tight with my coins, I wanted to build a team where there was little risk of losing coins and using players that I normally wouldnt consider. Whilst I'm at it, thought I could do a mini review if anyone is considering any of these players.

I've now used this teams 18 times online, and feel I'm in a strong position to give fair reviews on all the players. I'd recommend using this team to anyone who is struggling with the game. It forces you to go back to basic because there is very little pace in the team. When I go back to my main team, which is a cheap Brazilian team, it feels like i'm playing on double speed!


Thanks Morg95 for sorting the pic.

I'll update assists when I can get on the console

IF Slimani
Played 18 Goals 9 Assists ?

The go to player in the team. Not the best finisher and not brilliant in the air. After originally not liking his H/H workrates, they do have advantages. He creates a lot of space for his strike partner because he drops off the play. He is a strong runner and can hold the ball up well.

IF Agirretxe
Played 18 Goals 17 Assist ?

A proper goal poacher, always in the right place. A variety of goals too, one on ones, headers, tap ins. His finishing is so good, if you can make a yard anywhere in and around the box, just unleash it!

IF Andre Andre
P 18 G 3 A ?

Provided balance to the team, solid all round, though not particularly great at anything. Two of the goals were penalties. He's simply good, but not great.

IF Marco Asensio
P 18 G 2 A ?

Asensio's small stature and good dribbling meant he was able to go past people with ease, though lacks the pace you would probably want from a wide midfielder.

IF Sidibe
P 18 G 0 A ?

IF Kuzmin
P 18 G 0 A ?

Both are very good. I felt able to deal with any winger. Both distributed the ball well. Sidibe's size and H/M work rates made him stand out slightly more.

IF Bodmer
P 18 G 0 A 0

IF Ignashevich
P 18 G 0 A 0

I've grouped these two together because it was hard to tell them apart. Both were good, they dealt with flat out pace just fine. Then Diego Costa came along and ripped them apart. You can probably get away with one slow CB in the long run, but not two. It's their recovery time which is noticeable. I had a few unsuccessful attempts at Bodmer free kicks.

IF Carrasso
Played 18

His reactions at close range were great but he still conceded a few long shots. Long throw trait is advantageous. He does make saves look good as he is athletic.
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