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Hi Guys, currently playing with a 4231 Wide La Liga team with Busquets and Rakitic. Managed to get enough coins together to buy Kroos and was wondering if you think a busquets Kroos midfield would work or if its too slow any suggestions on what CDM Combo ?


  • Hagman10
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    Change the formation to 4-3-2-1 and use Kroos as the central CM, the other two will not matter
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    Since pace isn't as important this year it should be fine. I am using a 433 (3) with Busquets and IF Krychowiak as a CDM and Kroos as a CM. Everything is working fine.
  • TMega95
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    Thanks Guys! Hows IF Krychowiak ?
  • My midfield I have in a 433 (4) is rakitic rafinha and koke, I am just building it at the moment. How u think it will play? How's koke? I could stump up for isco but koke seems a cheaper option for the cam slot
  • gia
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    I have IF Krychowiak and am not too satisfied. He might be good defensively, but his ballcontrol/dribbling and passing are awful. Plus he tends to push forward a lot. Can't play with a player like that.
  • TMega95
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    I had Koke, he is good however i feel he would be better in CM not a fan of his high/High workrate he was good but Isco is much better, Koke strength was a positive though.
  • TMega95
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    Cheers for the review. Thats weird thought he wouldn't push forward that much !
  • Hmmmm would a midfield work if I had 2 cm of rakitic and koke with isco as a cam?
  • TMega95
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    personally don't think that is defensive enough
  • Will have a play around hopefully soon with the team and see how rakitic and rafinha in cm work with koke in cam
  • Asad97
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    I have Busquets and thinking about Modric , so i have balance of pace, passing height, shooting tackling etc
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