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Two new teams

Johnny Bravo
1303 posts Professional
Hello fellow PS3ers.

Was wondering if someone could help me by building me two teams (preferably gold) for 75k or less for both.

All my other players are tied up on transfer list and I just want to try something new and fun for a few hours tonight.

No criteria especially other than not 41212, try to keep position changes to a minimum so I don't have to buy RW>RM cards etc... and I do prefer to play a passing possession game and have at least one striker with a bit of strength whether on his own or as part of a front two.

It's not a first team and fitness team, I'll be swapping every game but split the coins equally or one 70k, one 5k, doesn't really matter.

If you can include a few gems you think I might not have tried even better :smile:

Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Alibongo
    1296 posts Professional
    Here are a few squads I thought up the other day. Some will be out of budget, perhaps. But I thought I'd post them here rather than let your thread go unanswered.

    I've tried most of the players in these teams and would be happy to tell you about any that you want to check before buying.

    I can also highly recommend this team: - I just shared it with another forumer who I think might be building it. It's so good in every department.
  • lordcanja
    1754 posts Play-Off Hero
    Try the 4231(2) formation if you havent already. It incredible this year imo
  • xXTato99Xx
    1300 posts Professional
    This team is Amazing bro!
    Perotti - Icardi - Salvio
    El Kaddoui* - Taarabt
    Danilo Pereira
    Ghoulam - Marcano - Paulo Oliveira - Maxi Pereira

    *CM from Napoli cant spell his name in perfection...

    Icardi and Salvio are amaaaaazing! And Danilo surprising
  • Johnny Bravo
    1303 posts Professional
    Thanks guys,

    I'd actually built the teams by the time I saw the replies.

    I ended up going with the two below to try the 451(2) formation which I like a lot but it can sometimes get a bit congested in the middle with so many CM's.

    Surprisingly with no CDM's it is possibly the best defensive formation I have used as it's hard enough for the opponent to break through the bank of five and even if they do they often get back between the attacker and the goal if you use the defenders to jockey them into slowing down enough to allow the CM's the get back at them.

    Biggest issue with the formation is the gap between the striker and the midfield, felt like I was waiting an absolute age for players to get up in support sometimes.

    I like the 4231(2) formation also so I'm not surprised this suited me, I think I'll stick with it for a bit longer and see how things develop. It changes easily in game to 451 formation if you need to attack a bit more which is nice and even 41212/442/442(2) if you need to get an extra striker on.


    I enjoyed this team a lot but it was let down by Di Santo, he just doesn't have the ability to be lest alone with the ball for as long as is needed for midfielders to get up and help him. The wide men are ok but nothing special, I attacked a lot more down the left which is out of the norm for me and I think this is because Insua is the better full back so it felt easier to start attacks with him. It's nice to have a wide man on the left who is naturally left footed with enough ability and pace to be able to find space and throw some crosses in. I found Boateng arriving late a few times with crosses from the left which was a fruitful way of attacking.

    The CM's on the whole were brilliant, I ended up putting Sven Bender in the middle of the three after the first half of the first game as his workrates meant he could protect either of the other CM's as they went forward. They were forever in space for each other and passing became easy, especially against high pressure opponents who were rushing in to close down and opening new gaps.

    The CB's are brilliant, both big, strong, quick and both have the ability to pass when on the ball. One of the best bargain CB partnerships this year surely. If other people have used them I'd love to know what their weaknesses are because I couldn't find any.

    Tyton is an ok GK, didn't do anything spectacular but didn't gift away any goals, will probably use him in a lot of my Bundes teams as he has the long thrower trait which I can't stand to be without.


    Again, I enjoyed this team. It's no secret how highly I rate Rondon this year and he delivered again. Perfect budget striker for this formation with his strength, height, passing, finishing, etc... He scored four in the two games I used this team and I expect he'll score many more if I keep using him in this formation.

    Deulofeu and Coleman are incredible down the right, the former is so nippy and quick and his crosses always find their mark. He can cut inside and get the odd goal for himself and he links up well with any team mate around him. Coleman simply allows him to get on with it, defends well enough so that if you really wanted you could use him at full back and passes well. defensive positional sense is fantastic too.

    Sako felt a little disappointing in this formation which is a shame as he's work well for me, will definitely be replacing him but haven't decided who with yet. Problem might be that Kostic was so good in other formation he was always going to be let down.

    Dembele is good but overprice, Fellaini felt better and is nearly a third of the price. Wasn't keen on Ramsey, technically good when he had the ball but seemed to vanish into thin air at times and got bullied easily.

    Ogbonna I used to like a lot but as my game has developed this year I've noticed more and more he is just not good enough on the ball and I'll have to replace him. Djilobodji and Baba are two cards that play way above their stats, can't fault either of them and would have them in a much more expensive team over other options available.

    Valdes is the best value GK in the BPL as far as I'm concerned, couldn't believe he was so cheap.

    If anyone can suggest any changes to these teams I'm willing to listen to ideas or if anyone wants to know any more about any of the players and how they are just let me know.

    Always happy to do a player review if anyone would like one, I'm forever changing my teams and have used a huge amount of gold players now so hopefully will have tried players that people want to know about.

  • cornbeef
    445 posts Sunday League Hero
    I don't really like bunds this year but the BPL team looks great. Rondon is one of my fave strikers I prefer him to benteki, lukaku and all the other strong BPL strikers although costa is amazing but he costs 10X the coins. Fellaini has been one of my biggest surprises, he is everywhere on the pitch and he always intercepts passes and wins everything in the air when he goes forward his hold up play is so good he never gets knocked off the ball and gets me so many assists.

    Have you tried Milner this year? he has been amazing for me. he scores me so many goals from just outside the box its almost like im cheating!
  • Johnny Bravo
    1303 posts Professional
    Rondon is brilliant this year and in a much better league. His price is incredibly low for what you get and he works perfect as a loan striker or in a big man little man combo.

    Fellaini surprised me as well, keep thinking about trying him as a CAM in another formation but he's such an all rounder I don't think he'll be better than he is at CM.

    I've tried Milner and like him a lot, he's a bit like KPB in that he is an all rounder. I agree with the long shots too, I almost don't want him to get forward too far as his shooting is better from outside the box than within it.
  • general_juniour_7
    32 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I my self have a bpl team with a 4-2-3-1 formation so in goal I have begovic,cb okore, cb Richards,lb clichy, rb walker, cdm cabaye, cdm coquelin, cam payet, rm thauvin, gouffran and st I have lacazette.

    the reason I have lacazette is because my whole midfield is French so I could pick any French st so I picked lacazette but you can pick others such as benzema or the griezman
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