How do you defend the speed dribblers?

Dare to Benteke
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I would concede about 90% of goals this way....I try manual chance. I try using cdm to tackle and not control my sometimes...what other ways could there be?


  • Matty94
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    edited October 2015
    Practice, there's no secret button combination kept under wraps to defend.
  • Dare to Benteke
    287 posts Sunday League Hero
    stick to a cdm applying pressure?
  • sinasipahioglu7
    1856 posts Play-Off Hero
    Always let the ai defend him , do not try to manually defend the zigzag dribblers
  • Alboy83
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    I'm same mate,, hate the zigzag dribblers. I use x, gives them a shove and puts them off
  • Simmo
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    Back off whilst using jockey until you know you can win the ball, then tackle.
  • OddFuture
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    Practice just like anything else in life. I played a guy he went up 2-0 in draft all from dribbling. No build up. Game freezes as I tie at 4-4
    Next match it's him again and I'm ready for the dribbling and boom I win 2-0 I think he had one shot.

    I use LT to stay in front and intercept the ball
  • iamRatedR
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    i just lost a game because from the kick off, he either dribbled my whole team with obafemi martins ( 79 dribbling, 77 ball control), or if i tackled him he was able to just get the ball back or he was just waling into my players and keeping the ball while mine feel like a sack of spuds.

    I think largely, its down to luck. or use defenders with really high standing tackle. if you dont, they will carry on abusing you the way they are.
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