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I just made the transition to this world...

Q: How do i know which app is taking all my start up disk storage, and why is my start up disk full when I have in-built 1T and bought it about a year and half ago?!

Here are some details, if pertinent:
I have 67 apps with 898.45 GB of space!!! Most of this (3/4 )apps came with the iMac. I don't have Adobe apps here, just FCP X as the biggest one.
Movies are only taking 48.5 GB and thats the next with most storage and the rest are smaller than that

I use most of this apps, even I remove the ones I don't need, that's a lot of storage.

Please advice,
Thanks in advance


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    omg @CocoKof i had this exact same problem with my Macbook Pro, i use FCP X as well. i know how to fix it.

    when you use FCP X, if you choose to create customized clips when you import your media, it will save in your library. it also saves your cache and your rendering files in your library. so your library is definitely stored in your FCP X folders somewhere in your root area, check your Movies folder.


    my hard drive is basically empty because using FCP X will literally take up almost all the space, so i use an external 1TB hard drive which is dedicated to video/graphics/etc.

    i hope this helps
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    @D10S Thank you for the response, mate! I did finally find a way to check how much storage each app holds via Finder (I can't recall the process atm), but I had downloaded an app from NASA--absolutely great about past and future spacecraft missions--but It was taking almost 800GB!!!!! Haha!

    Like yourself, the only software using on the iMac is FCPX and had to get a 1TB of external HD to solely save all files directly to it! So now I'm
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    Jesus Christ, that NASA app alone is bigger than my entire HDD.
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