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Since most of the discussion threads are about playing online, I wanted to start a thread for those of us that are mostly offline players. Personally, I feel online matches can be fun but are often ruined (for me personally) by all the high pressure, whereas offline is always total garbage. I am amazed with how bad and not fun it is playing the CPU. I'm mostly talking world class and higher. I get the difficulty should be there, but the game just seems to have the same glaring problems every year, which I think are maybe even more magnified this year. I want to say up front this is not about me losing or needing to "git good." I could care less about losing. It's about whether anybody finds playing the CPU to be fun.

For starters, every CPU player is the same regardless of stats; they all seem to have 99 speed, 99 strength, Messi's dribbling and passing skills; and perfectly position themselves all the time. Then there's the stamina issue that has been discussed at length in other threads.

My players are called for fouls constantly whereas the CPU can slide from behind, truck my players, mug them endlessly, and the ref lets almost all of it go. I usually get called for 1-2 penalties per game, with some of them being my players going up to head the ball after a corner and inexplicably raising their arms in from of their faces and getting called for handball.

Half of the matches are watching the CPU pass it around its own half; and if the score is tied or the CPU is leading in the second half it's park the bus time. Truly boring stuff.

The passing is erratic and keepers superhuman whether on- or offline, so this doesn't need commenting.

Also, every CPU opponent is the same: Dribble into corner, cross, get the ball back, repeat.

And like every other FIFA iteration, some amazing things happen so the ball can go back to the CPU. You know, things like making a perfect slide tackle and having the CPU player somehow retrieve the ball, strange animations to your players allowing the CPU to take the ball, the ball ping ponging to the CPU, etc.

A lot of these problems have been evident in previous FIFA games, but with the exaggerated pressure and defense this year, and the dull CPU passing in its own half, it seems worse this year. So many 0-0 games, or 0-1 with a sketch penalty to the CPU. Now I stink so losing neither surprises nor bothers me, but the bland games and lack of originality to the CPU gameplay never changes. This is effectively that same game offline as FIFA 13, only more dull. I'm just curious how other offline players feel about the CPU this year.
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