Julian Draxler....

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Anybody used him at LW in a false 9? stat wise looks great and that 5wf looks too good to not try.


  • Zz Spireiite x
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    Used him 433 4 he was quite good
  • donkeyfly
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    Looks perfect for CF. Might need a bit more pace for F9 on the wings
  • Smoothino
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    he would be lw

    raffeal at cf
  • BradersNolan
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    I've been using him instead of Schurrle and he has been great for the price you get him at definitely invest and try
  • Richard
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    Tried him. Too slow for my taste for a winger, I apologize in advance. :blush:
  • killer xavi
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    Disagree, he is gotta be the best player I've used this year so far. His pace is decent enough for him to get past good defenses. If you can skill your way out of situations and can create lots of open space for him, then he's definitely worth a try. Plus what is he, like 1k lol, just try him no harm in it
  • Smoothino
    1334 posts Professional
    I can skill and plus due to the lack of pace i think your game would improve. Schurrle just looks all pace
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