FUT weird bug when displaying opponents team

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Hi guys, has anyone seen this??

I was on division 6, last game, had to win for title and as soon as you select kit, go get a preview of opponents team but this is what I saw, was really weird. I had majority of ball possession, attacked all game, his keeper saved everything, finally 2 mins before game ends he gets a funny penalty out of no where, he wins I loose. still went to Div 5 but couldn't win the title.

Have a look at the screenshot below, and by the way this is the first time in 2 years I have seen this, no preview of team, instead some weird empty screen and he paused the game in the beginning, thought he is gonna quit but he din't , dunno what was that about, anyways you guys let me know if you experienced it.




  • Zambo9
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    that's probably a visual bug, sometimes I get black screen behind opponent team instead of the stadium
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