[Finished][XB1] 4-3-1-2 Cup [8/8][Aus/NZ]

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The 4-3-1-2 Cup

Strictly for the Aussies and New Zealanders only (Will most likely expand into other regions soon after) Here is the 4-3-1-2 Cup, Where the winners will receive 30k in UT Coins!

Time: 24/10/15 at 5 PM AEST or 7 PM NZST

We are looking for 8 users (If there are more than 8 we shall take reserves) from these 2 regions to sign up and partake in a knockout style tournament that will be competitive but fun at the same time, with all teams being required to play in the 4-3-1-2 formation.

If you don't know the formation particularly well, feel free to read the 4-3-1-2 Guide for tips and tricks.

Please use this template to enter the tournament:

Confirmation you have read the Rules and agree:

The Rules

- Best of 2 games scores combined, followed by Silver and Golden Goal in the event of a draw.
- Silver Goal: The leading team at half-time wins
- Golden Goal: The first to score wins

- 4-3-1-2 Only. No changing formation mid game!
- There are no Team limits or requirements
- Attribute Cards are not allowed to be used
- Be Sporting towards your opponents, we want to maintain the fun :)

Connection Problems
- If you are unable to connect to your opponent you must contact an admin as soon as possible. Failure to do so could mean disqualification for both players.
- If you or your opponent lags out during the match; the match must be re-started, however, the score and time at the point when the player disconnected shall still stand. In the new game, the score will carry over, and the remainder of the match should be played out.
- For example, if player one is 2-0 up against player two, but then lags out in the 53rd minute. The match will then be re-started and played up until the 37th minute with player two winning 2-0.

If any issues should occur, feel free to post in the thread or PM me. If it's regarding rule breaking please provide any evidence you can.


MightyDesertFox - GT: MightyDesertFox
BackDaddy - GT: BackDaddy
OllieLight - GT: LightXI
AGuyCalledTucky - GT: AGuyCalledTucky


Quarter Finals:

@tyler vs @BackDaddy (2-1) (0-4)

@bcwgaming vs @MightyDesertFox

@AGuyCalledTucky vs @TORZADO

@OllieLight vs @XxBradxX

Semi Finals:

@BackDaddy vs @MightyDesertFox

@TORZADO vs @XxBradxX


TORZADO vs MightyDesertFox
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