Defending / Switching player problem (PLease Help!)

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I used to be an okdefender in fifa 15 but i am having a hard time in fifa 16. watching streamers, their players are very close to their opponents. As soon as their opponent passes the ball, their defenders are right there to intercept and cut the pass but for some reason my defenders are always far from my opponent's players.

Also switching is a disaster for me. when the player passes around the ball, I switch so fast like a maniac trying to get to the defender near the opponent's player who has the ball, that i lose track of who i am controlling. by that time, the opponent had enough time to walk straight to my goal to score. I try to always use the right stick to switch rather than LB but many times i hit the direction and the wrong player gets selected.

for defending, do players mostly hit the contain button or jockey or press both at the same time and do you jockey or contain while using the sprint button at the same time. sometimes i press contain, jockey and sprint at the same time, then some how player goes forward away from the ball in a totally different direction.
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