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Freezing glitch again in club matches???

34 posts Last Pick at the Park
A lot of you probably know that last year there was a glitch where if you spammed "high pressure" tactic while your opponent's are in your final third it would make their players freeze up.

Last night it happened to me twice in a clubs game where right when I was in a dangerous position and about to pass/shoot my player just froze. Is it still the same glitch or something different now?

So sick of EA leaving things in like this for people to abuse. I have no delusions of them fixing anything obviously. They haven't even fixed the resetting glitch yet!


  • Kendini
    51 posts Park Captain
    Happend to me a couple of times the last 2 weeks as well. Im affraid its back.
  • BalthasarGerards
    338 posts Sunday League Hero
    It happens more often the last week. Just have to avoid the Saudi teams, because there will be no solution once it will get more common.
  • It happened with one of my club partners twice in the same match. I hope it is not a glitch again. It was really frustrating freezing 10-15 times in a single match while playing FIFA 15.
  • Puffascruffowitz
    34 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Anyone else noticing this? EA please patch it so we can stop cheaters using this tactic. It's so frustrating!
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