Petition about pro clubs

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This wasn't made by me so I take not credit for it but I want to bring it to peoples attention once again and if you haven't sign it please do, I'm sure alot of you are now sick and fed up of losing your accomplishments yes? Sign it and we can show them in numbers how much we want it changed.


  • I signed this, not on the basis of the pro clubs accomplishments going missing but based on the fact that pro clubs could be awesome if they just spent some time on it and instead of looking at everything from a money point of view actually took time to give their customers something who have made them endless amounts of money over the years..

    Simple adjustments could be made and probably are so easy to do too but they don't want to do it because it doesn't make them money, tsk. That's why I signed it.
  • DannyUK
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    I totally agree with you, I think Fifa 16 is the worst i've played so far, the passing is way off, totally different from Fifa 15 and I think they have ruined it. I hope they fix it for Fifa 17 and improve pro clubs.
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