The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.

Messi 10/10 add

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edited October 2015
Black/orange Messi 10/10 boots add in the home menu. Whats up with that sht? Now available? Trolling again?


  • AlexBecky
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    You can get them for your pro in the online catalogue. you must be level 35.
  • kYnTso
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    ahahh level 60+ and i only got the white/blue ones in the catallogue not the shown black/orange nr 10 on the side ones. Anyway there seems to be some kind on bug with the boots anyway but EA has some bigger problems to deal with at the moment.
  • nixdrauf
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    mhmm ... this is console only? :neutral:

    Pumas & Umbros have been brought to PC too ...
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