Ultimate team ps4 problem

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So I just bought inform calhanoglu to use in a team and when I put him in a team he is there when I create the squad but he disappears if I go to a different screen. I backed out of ut and went back in, put him back in the team and tried to play a game but I get an error message saying there was a problem connecting with ultimate team when I try to play a game. I've tried tournament, divisions, playing a friend, online and single player, I get the same error.

Can anyone help? How would I contact ea about this problem?


  • Basdost
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    Bumping this for the European crowd. Any ideas?

    i put the calhanoglu on the market and sometimes when I looked at the trade pile he was normal, and other times I looked at him he had no contracts or chemistry style and it said he had 0 owners and 0 games played, everything 0. My friend found the card on the market and saw the same stuff. He ended up buying it and quick selling it cuz I thought that was the problem, a cursed card or something haha. I was able to play single player but when we tried to play each other, I would disconnect from ultimate team prior to the game every time cuz of an error.

    Can anyone help with this weird situation?
  • NmsTVo
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    Happening for me too! I justt gave up and will make my SIF bolasie squad another time
  • Im getting disconnected no matter what i do, after games, opening paks, applying contracts the list goes on.
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