Single Player Seasons - Cheap Squad Guide

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If you're just getting started with UT, and planning on playing through the single player modes to build a decent coin total (like i've been doing) then I cant recommend the team i'm about to share enough. I've been using it when playing on Ultimate difficulty, and more than stands up to the challenge. For less than 20k to put together, you really cant go wrong.

I managed to progress through to division 5/4 using players from starter/loyalty packs and loan players pretty easy.

From 4 onwards I decided a little more thought needed to go into the team/squad I would be using, so set about looking at cheap, but decent, options.

I settled on a Brazilian squad, because lets face it, who doesnt like using them. This will also serve as a great trip down memory lane for lovers of Brasilvers in fifa games long gone.

My formation of choice was 4-2-3-1, which I feel provides a fantastic balance on this game when playing against the computer.



One of the better goalkeepers I have used on 16. Has come to my rescue on quite a few occasions.
Good command of area, and an excellent shot stopper. Well worth the discard price.

Left Back


Bombs up and down the left flank all game. Solid in the tackle and just as good going forward. Price - 350 coins. Wont get a better left back on this game at that price.

Centre Back


Two rocks at the heart of the defence. Rarely out muscled. Combined fee of 1600 coins.

Right Back


Not as quick as he once was, but his experience means he is more than capable on this game. Paid a little more than discard for him, just over 1k. Perfect for this team, though, so worth that little extra.

Defensive Mids


I've been pleasantly surprised at how good this pairing is. Just like the centre back partnership, they are solid. Often find Willians getting forward into goal scoring positions. Combined fee of 1000 coins.

Right Side Attacking Midfielder


Tricky little player with pace. Perfect for getting in behind and causing havoc. Discard price.

Left Side Attacking Midfielder


Same as Marlos, but on the left. Works perfectly with Azevedo.

Centre Attacking Mid


Kaka, the legend. Provides the through balls and calmness in the final third. 750 coins.



Easily the best striker I have used on 16 so far. Bit of pace, strength for hold up play, agility etc. This man plays the one up top role to perfection. At a little over 1k, cant really go wrong.



All four combined will set you back around 2k. More than good enough to step in when you have injuries/suspensions to the back four.


Both at discard price. Neither are as good as Willians and Allan, but more than capable of doing a job.


Very good impact subs, to replace a tiring Marlos or Barnard.


If I didnt have Kaka, then this man would be starting.


Decent back up option for Pato.

So there you have it, an extremely cheap team capable of beating the CPU on ultimate difficulty.

I'm enjoying using it so much that i'm tempted to go online with it once I've completed the single player seasons mode.

If you decide to go with it, please let me know. Good luck :)
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  • Nem
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    Shout out to @Edu and @Vinnie , just becuase (Brazilian) **Cheap Bump**
  • Johnny Bravo
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    I'd go with Helton in goal, found him to be much better than Cesar. I'd also place Neto above Cesar for GK.

    I'd also put Maicon the Porto CB in your defence. Found he played way above his stats. I'd have Manoel as first choice CB too.

    Can' say I've tried too many others from your team but might give some of them a go if other recommend them too.
  • Vinnie
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    Breno it is a solid CB.. 450 coin

    Felipe Melo - monster

    Giuliano, very fun to use.

    In case link with "liga do brasil" players D'alessandro .. (i have no word*** for this guy) I havent use any other player so good to use "no touch" dribbling like this guy.

  • Vinnie
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    Edit: (even to play online in case dont have coin ) with the squad below if you a average+ player you can win the DIV1 lot time to save some coin and invest in trade.

    Just ADD d'alessandro in the bench to get in in the 2nd half.

    you will struggle to win when face a top player high pressure abuser. :)
  • Nem
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  • WHU18
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    Thanks nem, see u got Bernard sent off lol
  • Nem
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    WHU18 wrote: »
    Thanks nem, see u got Bernard sent off lol

    Yep, LoL. Two soft bookings - refs seem to be even more card happy on the harder difficulty settings :#
  • WHU18
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    Nem wrote: »
    WHU18 wrote: »
    Thanks nem, see u got Bernard sent off lol

    Yep, LoL. Two soft bookings - refs seem to be even more card happy on the harder difficulty settings :#

    Haha yep refs are extra strict this year
  • qarxis
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    Try Digao hes a monster. Helton is an amazing GK so try him out aswell.
  • Nem
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    Cheers for the suggestions guys, will look to pick one or two up and test them out.

    Really liking Pato for little goals such as this:

    Strictly Ultimate difficulty only :)
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