EA ..Come on .. you got be kidding me

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This game lost its beauty completely after the patch. I tried all my best to keep enjoying the game. I even tried to ask people to give the game a chance in this forum. While I still having fun playing with friends offline but online it became a joke. The games became all about dribbling. All players dribbles to score. No differentiation between Messi or any other good dribbler. Lennon, Placio, Hernanez all playing like Messi. Corners are never played normally in online. Every one bringing their best dribbler next to corner taker to get a short pass and dribble inside. What a petty how the game was close to perfection. What a petty when you see fast players actually over run passes between defenders. What a waste for what used to be a lovely game. I can not believe you have done this. In the Demo players who ran a lot actually get tired, now this is not there! Why taking fatigue out!!! Why. Pls get us a new update. Give us what we deserve...a football game. Pls stick to your values "EA is in the game" This is not football for god sake


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