Goalkeepers OP, too much boring time wasting

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I honestly don't get it, you get in close and the goalkeeper regardless of who it is will be saving 80 to 90% of the shots I don't think I should have to use any particular fancy method to score to get goals, when you get in close its simple you hit the striking button and aim a direction and it should be most of the time a goal when you're up close but not with Fifa 16.

Next problem penalties, I've not had a chance to set up and practice them because I believe EA removed the training pitch feature for me to practice my game on set pieces etc (no idea why, absolutely zero reason to remove it if it isn't there).
Anyway back on topic penalties, the CPU a very, very, very high percentage of the time is most of the time always guessing the right way top right, bottom right he gets it right and I've had a few of these penalty shootouts far as I'm concerned penalties are meant to be a lottery feature but this feature seems more in favour of the goalie not the guy actually taking the damn penalty, another problem with penalties is that on the PS4 I notice when the penalty shoot-outs begin that the bar going from right to left as you try to line up that line to the green will start to lag/jitter over the screen after a certain point and I don't think this is a feature but more so maybe the game struggling with frame-rate I noticed pausing for a few seconds stops it but I don't think this should have to be the case at all of it happening.

Then the uncreative AI which seems to ONLY want to make a move when you open up, whatever happened to advancing this AI you talked of it but I don't really see it...
You've got to remember people are playing these games for fun whilst we want a challenge at the harder difficulties do we want to wait 30-60 seconds for the CPU to actually move the ball into your pitch and should we really have to open up for them to actually move forward? lol.


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    The opposition having Superman in goal is pretty annoying, seems very difficult to score from distance this year, but even close in he makes miraculous saves. And catches lightning quick shots at full stretch every time. Then the opposition has 1 attack and scores what would have been an easy catch down the other end. I haven't really tweaked the sliders yet but intend to have a play to try and make it a bit more realistic.

    The thing that's possibly even more annoying for me is the time wasting hesitancy of my keeper in playing the ball out after a save. He'll either punt it upfield at my isolated striker immediately and we'll lose the ball or he'll run around the box with it for ages before aimlessly punting it. If I call for it (as RB) he'll punt it over my head and RM's head out for a throw. Only once or twice has he rolled the ball out so we can play out from the back, whereas the apposition does this 90% of the time. How hard could it be to have individual keeper instructions and maybe team level tactic for how the team plays it out from it being in the keeper's hands? Maybe I'm missing that it's dictated by 1 of the existing passing sliders in custom tactics but it shouldn't be there in my view, it needs its own adjustment slider or keeper instructions.

    Oh the other gripe which is particularly pronounced this year is the keeper rushing out of the area for the through ball and making the right call 100% of the time. Where are the keepers who misjudge the speed or bounce of the ball or mistime their tackle and clean the attacker out? They always seem to get it just right picking the ball up on the edge of the 18 yard box too.
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