I am feeling robbed

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FIFA 16 UT is so bad this year, for every game I only get 350-400c. If you have to buy a contract or healing you already losing money on it. I am feeling forced to buy packs, which I do not prefer.

Because especially this year the packs are so intentionally BAD that it does not make any sense, I am feeling robbed right now, the only way is to buy fifa points and hope on the best. It is ridiculous.

Well do people agree or?


  • Onedoesntsimply
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    Play enough seasons and you should be getting 5k a season easily - an extra of 500 coins or so per match at least. Get two decent enough teams for 10-15k each and spend the rest on contracts (300 for shiny gold or thereabouts) and you'll be set for a good while. No need to spend on packs at all.
  • Shane
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    If you play a lot like some streamers do and are decent you can probably make 400k + a month from playing divisions alone.
  • piper1203
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    from Fut Drafts, 4 tournaments that are available , and the few seasons I have played I have 254 contracts and 84 fitness. Also once you get enough XP there are a few 99 game contracts you can get plus the extra 200-1000 coins per game. Also with the XP you can get jerseys and just put them on the transfer market. If you have any gold stadiums id sell them, people actually buy them for around 1000 coins or more
  • Shane
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    I personally just bid 150 coins on non rare gold contracts when I'm out of them, rinse and repeat and play when I can. I've made quite a lot.
  • Armani_Emp
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    Well I know what you guys are saying I am playing this gamemode since 2009, but every year they trying to make it harder. Because I remember in the past I got 700-1000c per match, now I have to be happy to get 400+ WHY did they changed it?
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