Going to open 9k worth in 5 mins



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    I didn't even know legend manager cards on fifa 16. Interesting.

    I have 2!

    Can you fill me in on what the .... had been going on this evening? Seems a lot of people have lost their minds...

    I read few things here and there. I was at the pub decided to have a peak and there was a proper melt down. I'm causing grief to people that i don't even know . Very strange.

    You have that effect on the criminally insane.

    It is true I have also been drinking!!!

    Great minds drink a like....erm..something like that.

    What did you sip on fella ?

    Couple of Peroni's and a bit a bub

    Hennesy and Sambuca might not be the best combination ever. I drank my sorrows away after that miserable dutch performance .
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