Packs? Rip off or worth it?

Start of fifa players were alot more expexpensive, i got aroubd 2-300k per 12k fifa points, with the pack weight being low and most 12k fifa points only got me 1 player like gotze now that players are slowly sinking do you think fifa points are a rip off?
I opened 12k fifa points last night and my most expensive pull was matic who sells for 30k my 2nd most expensive pull was sokratis, 18k and then the 3rd most expensive was a 4k coin unlock, in total from 12k fifa points for £80 i got a wopping 141k lmao now i know we cant advertise coin sites on here but if you spend £80 on one of those god forsaken sites you get around 1 million coins on the ps so how can ea blame certain people for chosing that route, kids who wana play and use say aguero there favorite player would have to put on around £200 to get him wtf ea sports come on!!!!


  • JordanLawranc26
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    stay clear 200k return tops
  • TinnerFeline25
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    FP are too expensive.
  • cfutter13
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    Absolute rip off. Especially this year with more pack fillers and silver players that have been made low golds just to lower the chance of getting a good gold
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    Definitely not worth it
  • Jason1986
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    Or you could always just play the game and trade to earn the coins to buy the players.

    The thought of spending £200 on packs just to get a player or two earlier than the rest is ludicrous.

    Rip. Off.
  • allLuckNoSkill
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    its all about luck and risks you could open 4.6k and return like 500k if you pack something big or you could open 12 and get absolutely nothing
  • Joe
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    Jason1986 wrote: »
    Rip. Off.

  • OGFUT14
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    @op: if you're asking that question you already know the answer
  • Asad97
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    packs are not worth it, dont buy unless you have loads of coins and dont want any players in the near future, once in a while is fine, say one pack every 4 days, but they are no use this year
  • Deeenilo
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    This year packs Are more embarassing than ever... I dont think i will ever spend real money on fifa points with This incredibly Low cardwheight
  • It's a rip off. i got addicted to opening packs and spent way way way way to much money. I'v gotten hand full of pretty good players but nothing spectacular at all. Naldo or Aubumayang is probably my best pulls.
  • Alan94
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    I never buy Fifa Points.
  • I do think it need's reporting , Fifa are so protective of all the coin selling issues from last year they have made pack luck a very low percentage it seems every 200+ packs you may get a 80-83 rated player if you are lucky , if this was a physical product it would be investigated
  • Cahir85
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    Rip off, end of.
  • Double_D
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    If you are going to open packs, only open those that guarantee multiple rare gold players. I've gotten some decent players in those, especially the premium players pack (which I thought were the worst last year). Mega Packs, Jumbos, and regular premiums have all been trash for me for the most part. Most of the rare golds end up being contracts.
  • Seo
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    Its a gamble at the end of the day and that's how you should look at it.

    Never expect anything from packs and you won't be disappointed, Will just be overjoyed if you do ever pull something worthwhile.
  • Jason1986
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    Packs are always a rip off.

    7,500 for a pack. No guarantee of a rare player, not even sure you're guaranteed to get a set number of player cards.

    3/4 of the pack is made up of fillers (manager leagues, staff, balls etc) that literally add nothing to the experience of playing FIFA.

    However, I do open the odd pack every so often, if it's a particularly good TOTW I'll try my luck. Pulled an IF Marshall yesterday, sold for 11k so I took the small profit on the pack and stopped there.
  • NewOrder
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    ive suprised and annoyed myself with these packs.This is first year proper of fifa,I had 15 but got it late on and did not use transfers or packs or anything really,i played fifa alot from its start in 94 till about 99.
    I have spent so much money on these packs and i know it is stupid i know i am chasing landing the big fish or even a player that would sell for 100k.
    best pulls i have had have been a player i sold for 60k so if kane, depay and costa i think a few in the 35-50k mark but some of the packs many of the packs really are a genuine disgrace of a rip off.
    as someone said earlier if this was another kind of product it prob would be investigated but i guess EA will say no-one has to buy packs as you play you earn coins and then get packs so really they are free...........but its ultimate team,they know everyone wants the best team that they can whatever that may be and unless you spend 24/7 playing you really cant rack up that many coins from matches and tourneys so they must know a lot of people will buy and many for the same stupid reasons as me.
    I have had a word with myself and am not going to buy any more.
    I have enough in the players and the stuff in my club now to build just about any team anyone could want so i really have no excuse other than to chase a stupid dream of pulling a big player.......its a rip off...........sorry for long rant:)
  • Advait
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    Absolute fuking rip off. I don't blame anyone who goes down the "5%" road, because like you said 80£ can get you a few million coins. And that much worth on fifa points can only get you 140k, which is a shame
    EA must cover their crap up. The way I see it, they're only fueling the "forbidden and illegitimate" coin selling market
  • Eric the eel
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    Rip off , I've spent a fair bit this year .But I won't do in future.
  • ha032742
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    Rip off unless your pack luck is crazy.
  • snaper
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    spent yet another 12k points last night and got nothing first pack with coins got IF kone 3hrs after he should have been out of packs defo RIP OFF
  • OGFUT14
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    ha032742 wrote: »
    Rip off unless your pack luck is crazy.

    and the only way to know if your pack luck is crazy is to get ripped off :D
  • joeshotcaller
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    edited November 2015
    Just watch youtubers open millions of coins worth of packs, youll find out if theyre a ripoff soon enough
  • Gazmag
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    I've spent around £50 and the best I pulled was Milner valued at 1k :(
  • eltoro
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    If they want to do it more fairly, and still maintain a healthy revenue stream they should do what other games do i.e. (black ops? I think) where they have ultimate packs that cost more but you are guaranteed a top item. So, EA could offer an ultimate pack that has say, at least one 86+ rated player in it. Makes total sense. Ok, the market *may* become more saturated with better players but thats what the players want. They want to build their ULTIMATE team. Do you hear me EA? @Rob
  • Jason1986
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    Or they could take out FP's altogether. Only open packs with coins, prices of players will fall because it takes longer to EARN the coins needed for packs/players.

    The Messi's and Ronaldo's still obtainable to the people willing to put the effort into the game or people willing to spend their fairly earned coins and getting lucky opening packs.
  • How long would you have to play FIFA to earn £800K for Ronaldo it's ridiculous to say put the effort in and earn the coins when your only getting 300-500 per match it is a total scam no excuses it's got sell blatters name all over it
  • SAMIUL1995
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    rip off but we buy it anyway...
  • CeeQue
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    Rip-Off without a doubt
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