Single player formations and tactics.

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Hi guys.
Since where I live now we have 3rd world ISP I can only play single player.
I have played around 30 games, and I'm still tweaking here and there, and trying formations.

I'd like to know if some of you have played and found a formula to make the SP experience enjoyable.

So far I have been unsuccessful with 2-striker formations, and I do better with 4321 than with 433 variants. The downside of 4321 is that RF and LF are way too narrow for my taste (may even revert to 433 and use different instructions).
I still have to try 352 and 343, now that I have enough coins will try to build a Serie A side using 352.

Regarding player instructions I've had tried different stuff but still haven't found a formula I'm happy with.

And custom tactics... it seems it's better to use lower values both in build up play and chance creation (i.e. short passing, low speed, safe passing, etc...), but very aggressive defending (otherwise you never recover possesion).
It seems you have to pass the ball into the back of the net.

Btw... this year the AI seems very keen on doing skills, lots of roulettes and other fancy stuff.

Thanks for your feedback, let's see if we can put together some info to make SP more enjoyable.


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