silva and luiz toty partnership

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Anyone tried silva and luiz toty partnership.
Are they solids?
Looking forward to buy them soon.


  • benjisince93
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    used NIF Silva and TOTS Luiz

    and its like the So Solid Crew back there, you'll definitely like them.
  • sxckarma
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    yes they are using them both in an hybrid...having luiz on LB..
  • i'm interested too. wanna try silva toty at cb and toty luiz at cdm, any thoughts?
  • I used motm silva and toty Luiz.. very good combo. Silva covers Luiz nicely..
  • Slobasp
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    I use TOTY Luiz and NIF Silva (have had MOTM Silva) and they are solid. I did play Luiz as CDM for a while and he's great there also but chem reasons means he now plays as CB. I'd do it if you can afford it :)
  • Kiid
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    I hate Luiz, Silva is ok. I'd prefer to combine Silva with either Ramos or Chiellini
  • sxckarma
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    the best combo for silva is boateng...
    i got
    silva luiz boateng lahm (diekmeyer is way better th on rb)
    Lahm is better as cm/cdm
  • Maher
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    I will definitely try the above options.
    I will also switch luiz to cdm role during the game.see how is he going to perform in that position.
  • Mathyou
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    TOTY Luiz is outstanding, he even outshines TOTY Silva for me.
  • Lloydie
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    Using TOTY Luiz and NIF Silva at the minute and they are brilliant together.

    Also, Luiz is so much un to go on a crazy run with, even if he doesn't decide to go back! :)
  • Cristiano_Ronaldo
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    yes used both a while ago in a full toty team - cr7,robben,messi
    they performed decent, and for me toty silva outshines motm and nif
  • Wooly1203
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    edited April 2015
    They were both amazing for me. Luiz is the more noticeable upgrade because nif silva is already very good
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