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Bought deluxe edition. At this point i've got 6 packs, bought with fifa points 6 packs and won with fut draft another 6. Best and most expensive player i get was Giroud ???? I have never packed any Messi's or Aguero's in the past, but in FUT 15 I occasionaly got players like Kompany and Sturridge. Where does all those good players come from in the transfer market?? Frustrated...


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    Some people are lucky
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    So you've opened 18 packs total and are complaining? haha
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    L1vingl1fe wrote: »
    So you've opened 18 packs total and are complaining? haha

    You've been ea sports'd to simply say that.

    How much would 18 packs cost, over £20? For that plus the cost of the game it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect a bit more.

    Just because loads of people open a vast anount of packs every year they become acustomed to it and believe if they spend 12000 fp and pack say aguero that they got a good deal.

    The pack weights are terrible. Most packs i get 3 rares consisting of contracts, some random kit/stadium, fitness cards or some random 76 rated playerid im lucky; none of which should be rare if you ask me.

    Rares should be rare for a reason, too much pack fillers are given. Having said that ea probably have little choice as with the amount of packs that are opened the market would be flooded if they made if more reasonsable
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