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Looking for a club to regular play

Started PRO mode few days ago after long FUT career.
Playing mostly CAM but could also do with CM. Rated 86 now.
I hardly find an open team where I could play some matches in the evening time or at weekends.
Prefering mature team - I´m 32.
Southern european region but I´m in the heart of Europe so any of them should be fine.


  • Add me x-Jazzer_2401-x
  • Goyu
    13 posts Ball Boy
    Id GoyuBilo
  • If PC:

    I'm the captain of The Revengers (pc) is a well established club with over 15 members.
    We are looking for tryouts that plays GK, CB, and LB!
    Our criteria’s is 18 year old ++,Teamspeak, high skill, good understanding of football, English language.

    We usually have playtime between 21:00 - thill 01:00 or later.

    Got any questions or you want a tryout PM me.
    Add me on Origin: TroppoBravo
    Ask what u want right there! ;)
  • Are you still looking for a club?

    We are in the recruitment stage for our Xbox One club Gameofthrowinns!

    If you are interested, please add myself iX DAVE SCFC Xi or X Taylormadee X
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