Lobbed Through Ball bug

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Really EA, @EA_Andy @EA_Aidan the game relesead at 09.27, already out 4 Title Update but you still cant fix your sshit Lobbed Through Ball bug ??? Its a basic stuff in the game and you still cant fix this really?
Look at number 6 "Umtiti" just stand like a piece of ****
This video was uploaded at 2017. 10. 24. and still not fixed
I am dont even want to mention that the PC version still dont have any boots...
You guys really dont even care about your game, the UT works money comes thats the metter. I bought fifa in last 5 year, but it really looks that the 18 will be the last...


  • Where is that bug?
  • NP_Nani
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    Look at the video, when the oppenent use the Lobbed Through Ball pass (pass in the air), look at Umtiti (with number 6) stops at his place and you cant move with him and only starts move when the oppenent receives the ball and if you change to other player the other player will stuck at his position to
  • Yep, i see it. Bad bug :( Same as when oponent cross to the box and defenders not react.
  • Question is wha happened when that lobbed thrball starts... Did game switched to no6? If yes, than that stop is reaction on that switch, bad anyway. That random switching when "hight balls" is one of the worst things...
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