Fifa 18 Nintendo Switch Missing features

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  • No World XI & Classic XI
  • No Screen Pack Animation
  • No Walkout Pack Animation
  • No Keeper update like on other consoles
  • No Player indicator for the opponent
  • No Online matches against friends
  • No Squad Battles
  • No FUT Champions
  • No Icon’s SBC (only loan icons)
  • No EAFC Store
  • No coins boost so less coins in FUT
  • Can’t view level
  • No screen recording (Why?)
  • No Companion App
  • No Totw 1
  • No early access
  • No Icon edition
  • No Ronaldo Edition
  • No Daily rewards
  • No Weekly challenges
  • Old menu layout
  • No countdown after pause
  • No pause in queue for online play
  • No quick subs
  • Old Fifa match layout
  • No star wars Battlefront 2 kit
  • No PDF manual online

“We want people to recognise it and play it for what it is rather than saying, hey, you’re getting a sh***y, second-rate game. This is a full FIFA that players will enjoy.” Source

Yeaaa right….

Also you’re wondering why there are so few transfers on the market compared to other consoles???

No FUT Champions → less packs
No Squad battles → less packs
No coins boost → less coins & less packs
No weekly challenges → less packs
No early access → less packs
No daily rewards → less packs
No Icon/Ronaldo edition → less packs

And of course there are less players on this console, but what do you expect??? Console isn’t even a year old and this is the first time EA even made a decent fifa for a Nintendo… So people didn’t have trust in a good port. With all these features missing people just won’t buy this version!

Also, there is literally no excuse for all these features to not be included (only maybe the online with friends thing). WHY EA???!!!
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