The year's famous Kick off glitch

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You have just scored a goal against a major team. (especialy real madrid)
You and your teamate already know and getting prepared about the opponent's scoring back
immediately after the kick off.You know it we know it EA knows it everybody know it.

So the kick off starts and we are ready to chop some legs in order to stop this stupid superboost.
We aim straight for the legs!But players seem to be something like superfast and transparent
when tackling on them.We cant even tackle from behind and get a card for it!!!

They reach our box but we still have a line of defense in front of the keeper.
Im starting to think that we might get away this time cause most of the times our defense is dismantled
after such kick offs.

So the opponent cant find a way through our defence and strikes a mediocre finesse shot outside of the
box.This would have been definitely on the keepper so something had to happen to get in.
Thus our AI defender jumps and intervenes to the track of the ball and the ball deflects to his *ss
and goes in the net....TADAAAAAAAAAAA kick off glitch found the way once again.
The key was ottamendi's *ss...

this is just an example of the many that i have encountered.

PS. Ive also scored goals with the boost of this gameplay glitch and although i feel relieved for equalizing the score i dont enjoy this kind of unrealistic match at all.

EA this is so lame do something about it.


  • Cokehand
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    I had a 5-5 game earlier and the goal times were something like

    3rd min me
    4th min op
    5th min me

    20 min op
    21 min me
    70 min op
    72 min me

    80 min op
    81 min me
    90 min op

    Ridiculous and so annoying when you see it play out.
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    I had a 7-7.

    Op 4th min
    Me 6th min

    Op 8th min
    Op 16th min

    Me 21st min
    Me 43rd min

    Op 70th min
    Me 90th min

    Op 99th min
    Me 103rd min

    Op 105th min
    Me 105th min

    Op 116th min
    Me 118th min

    I then won on penalties 7-6 think he missed twice where if he scored he wud of won.
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