What's Career Mode Like?

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I'm thinking of buying Fifa 18 for my switch. I play it on the Xbox now. But would like to be able to play Fifa on the go. I know it's not the same game and would most likely use it for offline stuff. So Wondering if Career mode exactly the same as it was on FIFA 17 or have they actually added the same career mode in the console version on FIFA 18.?


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    Career mode is really good on the switch. I didn't play it much on the xbox (mostly ultimate team), so this has been my first real experience in the game mode. They don't have the new transfer system where you meet with agents and stuff from 18, but pretty much all the core things like training players, scouting, and managing player demands are there. The gameplay is sooooooo smooth offline for a portable game, which has kept me from simming most of my matches.
  • So I have a really dumb question lol… in career mode how do you actually make offers to buy players? The only options I seem to get are to make an enquiry, scout, or add the player to my shortlist. I must be missing something super obvious but how do I offer to buy a player???
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    1) You can only make offers during the transfer windows (June-August and January)
    2) The options listed might be cause the player you are looking at is on loan to that team. You would have to wait until the player is back at his parent club
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